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January 18, 2010

Mission Organization

While I find myself with a bit more free time these days, as does my husband, I am on a mission to get our house organized. I've narrowed down the areas that I'd really love to organize into categories. Rather than actually turning off my computer and cleaning house, I decided that it would be more fun to post about it! Hopefully this is more fun for you too!

I know it seems obvious that we should just put away the things we use and simply throw away or donate the things we don't. But, it's far more clever to transform the ordinary and utilitarian spaces in our homes into something fabulous. This way we can not only see clearly what we already have, but, we are actually "shopping" our own things. It makes boring things like doing laundry or putting away groceries or even fetching a new lightbulb seem like a fun experience.

Top Five areas I'd like to get organized:
  1. Closets
  2. Craft supplies

  3. Garage

  4. Cabinets & Pantry

  5. Laundry room/mudroom

Nothing helps with orgazniation like a good old fashion label. It keeps the guessing game and the "honey, I don't know where these go" at bay. Here are a few fun label options to help you get inspired!

The Container Store

These Chalkboard stickers are not removable. While you can't change their location, you can, however, erase and rewrite your label for each new use. Clever little labels!!

These printable labels are free from The Rubber Punkin where she suggests printing on card stock or photo paper and then laminating. So sweet to have inlcuded several blank sheets as well for your own specific clutter. I'm thinking the blank lime green and teal lables will be perfect for lip gloss and lightbulb bins.
Super cute!!!
What areas of your home do you need to get organized? What would you print on your blank labels to help you stay clutter free?


  1. I need to get organized too! When we moved in our new house - I just threw stuff in closets just to get it out of the living space. Now, it's time to organize. Maybe you can inspire me! Yes, I am loving my new camera!

  2. i'm working on organizing the kitchen! i'm going to knock out half the wall between the kitchen & dining room to open up the tiny kitchen and i'm loosing half of the cabinet space
    Post some pics of your organizing before & after!

  3. Same Here!! In fact, we finally have organized the play that everything has it's own PLACE, cleaning up is 10 times easier!! Our next craft room! Joe's gift to me for my birthday is a new craft room re-do! I want it to be both practical and CUTIE FABULOUS! You know, not boring!!!

  4. I'll definitly post some of our organization pictures. I have a few afters and many many many befores. Matthew's closet and my closet are fantastic. Our laundry room and pantry was great until extra things got stuffed in there to make way for Christmas decorating. Our bathroom linen closet is ATROCIOUS! I might be bold enough to go take a picture right now to post and make even the most unorganized reader feel better!


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