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January 19, 2010

West Elm chair

I was in Richmond last weekend visiting my brother while he was home on R&R from Afghanistan. Cleverly my mom and I found a little time to squeeze a little girls shopping time in as well. One of my favorite stores to check out when I'm in town is West Elm. I get their catalog and it always leaves me wanting more, oh and a downtown loft with a furniture budget. It's a must see on every trip. Quite sadly, we stumbled upon a store closing sale. I was desperately heartbroken...until I saw an item I've had my eyes on, literally, for years. The white overlapping squares arm chair in white. And it was on sale!!!! And West Elm isn't closing entirely, just downsizing (my least favorite word of 2009 & 2010) and focusing on their Internet sales. So of course I snagged one of the chairs along with the white chair cushion shown below. Like all my other impulse buys, it doesn't have a home yet. But, I can worry about that later. It was a huge sale. I know this instant gratification won't lessen the heartache of my next shopping trip to Richmond. But, at least I'll have something cute to sit on while I'm feeling sad.

Don't worry, you can still buy one, or several, for yourself online here.
They make really cute desk chairs and fantastic dining or breakfast room chairs.

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