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Savannah Weekend

April 23, 2010

Bags are packed. Girlfriends waiting in the car for fabulous roadtrip.
And we're off.

My friend's Facebook status from yesterday pretty much sums it up:

Jill B.: You know the weekend is gonna be crazy if you have Spanx and champagne on your packing list....

I'm off to Savannah for a weekend full of shopping, lunching, and baby showering with my favorites.
Hope y'all have a good weekend as well!

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  1. Y'all have fun! My husband and I are off to Savannah for the weekend too for our Anniversary trip!

  2. How fun!! Sounds like its going to be a weekend to remember. I want to go to Savannah so bad! xoxo

  3. how fun! I hope yall have a great weekend, I'm jealous! http://www.andreasattic-andrea.blogspot.com

  4. Have fun but you girls always do!

  5. Savannah is the perfect town for a girlfriends weekend!! Such a beautiful place!

  6. Have fun ladies!!! And, congratulations Kara!

  7. Thanks y'all! I had a fantastic time!


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