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September 20, 2010

My whole heart

I found this over here and immediately right clicked to save it.  
To be honest, I have a hard time with bedroom art.  I'm not into decorating with family photos (only photos of Matthew and I are allowed in our master bedroom anyway) and any fine art or interesting things we aquire usually get featured downstairs where everyone can see it.  Maybe one day we'll have enough money to keep nice things on the walls both upstairs and downstairs.  For now, this could be a fun (and cheap) option.  It's really a wonderful quote and would be fairly easy to make myself.  
I also love that it's pretty straightforward and not too over-the-top mushy.
Could be fun in BabyGirl's room too.  I've put up and then taken down several things from her wall and currently I'm stumped as to the direction I want to go.
And what about those pillows?  
Talk about inspiration while you dream!
Anyone have any other luuuuveeee quotes you just adore?

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