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September 21, 2010

Urban Baby Style

Hey friends!  
Today we have Amanda, one of my most favorites, here to introduce you to Urban Baby Style.  Her sweet baby boy Shep just turned one this past June and he has been seen rockin some pretty modern styles all over Charleston since birth.  I love that my dear friend has such a unique style different from my own.  It keeps it fun!  Long before either one of thought about actually birthin' any babies we made a pact that we'd respect the other's style.  As in, you promise to only buy my baby monogrammed and smocked frocks and I promise not to.  We adore and respect each other's individual styles and extend that perspective to our babes.  Here's a fabulous look into her fresh style!

Urban Baby Meets the South?!?!

Infantus Urbanus:  Young mammal raised in city environment.  Infantus urbanus love nights at the opera, modern architecture, and fine cuisine;  difficult to spot at night due to thier penchant for black clothing.

Mt. Pleasant, SC is not quite a "city" environment so sometimes I forget where I am and wake up in all black despite the Lilly Pulitzer that surrounds me.  If you will, let's try to embrace for a moment all things black and modern.  Here are a few things I think are FAB and wanted to share with all my sweet southern belles.

Urban Babies Wear Black
Let's wheel the orbit out for a skinny vanilla latte play date and tour a museum.  I love the tongue-in-cheek facetious tone.  Thank you Michelle Sinclair Colman for reminding everyone you can raise your kids without a dreaded minivan

Dobutsu Baby Leggings and Shorts
They had me at cute baby butt!
Dobutsu baby leggings and shorts from Japan are ridiculously adorable!

Nano Collection
This collection is sophisticated in feel, simple in style and whimsically curious in attitude.  It borrows ideas from the adult world, yet is far more darling.
Nano Prairie Stripe Dress
Nano Hooded Black Dress

Sweet Shoes
This brand is calling all the incredibly too cool for school.
Edgy and Fun.

The infamous black onesies
Does this make my tutu look big?
I think not!

Skull & Cross Bones
Ahoy Matey
Who can resist a tiny diaper pirate?

Baby Gap knit skull one piece
Baby Gap printed bodysuit

Yes, even urban babies wear rompers!
Who said it had to look like your sister's?
Splendid Stripe Romper
At Home Baby Camo Romper
Cynthia Rowley Stripe Romper

Where can you find all that is adorable for a funky baby?
Here are a few of my favorite online sites:

Julia, thank you for allowing me to share some of my funky baby style on your sophisticated and stylish blog.  
I abosolutely adore you!  
As always, fabulously yours,



  1. Oh my gosh -- sorry Jules but this may be my favorite post:-). Amanda -- you had me at skinny vanilla latte, though with soy and a quinny would've put me over the top. Please please guest post again. Two great friends with very different styles but each with a knack for fabulous! And I say this all the while thinking about where I can get a train smocked shortall for my almost 2 year old for his birthday party. Yes, I am bipolar when it comes to urban versus southern styles. I suspect there are lots of outside the house workin mamas like me who feel the same.

  2. isn't it great? I'm going to beg her to do more posts with her fun style!


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