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December 6, 2010

Kitchen style

Happy Monday friends!
I hope everyone is keeping warm.
All this cold weather is making me want to cook more and when I spend more time in the kitchen I start thinking up new recipes, nope scratch that, design.

I thought I'd unload some of my kitchen style files on you in case you're thinking of asking Santa for a new range and knobs.



  1. LOVE all that white marble!

  2. Looks like we have similar taste in kitchens! I love an all white kitchen with sleek modern lines, too bad mine looks nothing like that. I adore those striped chairs too. Adding those to my wishlist.

  3. We are building again and I love everyone one of those kitchens!

  4. It's sad how much I LOVE white kitchens considering we had our cabinets painted black lacquer. My next kitchen will be all white and grey.

  5. Hello beautiful white kitchens! I see I have found a lady with great taste and who loves white as much as I do! Say hello to your newest follower :)

  6. love the striped chairs and white kitchens are my fave. first time on your blog...i'm your newest follower!


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