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December 3, 2010

stylish mom-do

Typically a don't
I had finally convinced myself that a mom-do was a bad idea.  
Yes, it would be practical, save time, and eliminate BabyGirl from plucking me bald one handful of hair at a time.  But there would be no way to style it when I wanted to feel hot.  No way to tease it and primp it into looking good when the mood struck.  No way to satisfy my daily obsession with hairspray.  No way to pull it back with an elastic when I hadn't washed it in days.    
And then this bee-otch came along.  
And here she goes making short hair look all glamorous and stylish and pretty.  
Tricking me into thinking about short hair again.
This is bad...


  1. Okay, so I'm not a mom so I can't tell you if short hair is easier for "mommy-stuff." BUT, I can tell you that short hair really isn't easier. I've had both, and now that my hair has been long for awhile, I think longer is easier. You can't have a bad hair day where you can just put your hair in a ponytail and still look cute. You can't go a day without washing it. It's a pain to have short hair at the gym and for some reason long hair always makes you feel pretty and glamorous. That's why celebs with short hair (like Paris Hilton) put in extensions for events.

  2. I hear ya Jen! I always go back and forth. I let my hair grow long then get tired of it and chop it all off only to immediately regret it and grow it back out. I'm trying so hard to break the cycle! Thanks for keeping in line!

  3. I feel the same way! I always regret having short hair. But honestly long hair is easier with a baby because when you don't feel like washing it you can just throw up with a clip or in a ponytail. I always feel so much more femine with long hair! Stay away from the scissors and keep that long hair! Love your blog, just found you! We are kind of neighbors Im in Charleston:)

  4. I totally agree. Right now I have long hair and a one year old daughter. Pics like that make me want a new look. My biggest problem is maintenance-- keeping it healthy and highlighted etc!


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