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February 18, 2011

POSH by Julia Ryan Photography

You may have noticed a new header that appeared last night.
I'm still on the wait list to get an official "blog make-over" from one of my favorites.
But if you know me, you know I'm impatient and can't leave well enough alone.
I'm not too concerned, I know the brains behind my new blog look will be able to clean up the mess I'm making as we speak.
I'm googling my way through html code.

As you can see, I've officially added my photography to the blog.
I'm trying to streamline the two because I know I'll never have the energy to keep up with two blogs so I figured I'd just keep this one going and add a few photo-shoots in now and then.
Plus it would be so boring if I never had a place to post recipes, beautiful interior designs, or the witty commentary floating around in my head.
I'll try to keep up the bitchy humor too and hopefully my clients will love me for keeping it real!

No website for now, I'm trying to keep it low key and keep up with what I can manage.
I'm pretty much only interested in the creative side of things at this point so thankfully I have my business manager (aka husband) and attorney/sister on retainer to help me navigate the lame parts.
If anyone has any advice I'm all ears!
I've started a facebook page here and would LOVE your support there as well!

As of right now I'm booking from Charleston, SC to Washington, DC so if you live somewhere in the middle you might be able to convince me to drive there. 
Especially if I have a relative who lives in your town and you offer me wine
Since I'm still in the process of setting up my business license I'm pretty sure that you can pay me in wine as well.  
It's like a gift so it doesn't count as income!

I had a second photo-shoot while I was in Richmond with another friend's child.
This one was so meaningful because her momma and I didn't just go to high school together, we also went to grade school together.  We grew up just houses down from each other and I've known Ashley since she was practically this age.
Her sweet little girl Charlotte is exactly one year and one day older than BabyGirl.



  1. Great pics!!! What a cutie pie!!!
    Love the new look of the blog!!

  2. Love the new pics!! All of the children you have photographed are stunning and so is your work!! I love, love, love following along with your blog. It has become one of my morning rituals!
    *I especially love the post about your hair being Wells' personal oh shit handle* TOO FUNNY!!!

  3. Oh she is such a doll...great photos!

  4. Your photographs are crazy good!


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