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March 29, 2011

China cabinet makeover

I promised I'd start revealing more of my house, even if it's not exactly the way I want it.
I thought I'd give you a little tease of my dining room and breakfast room in today's post
This china cabinet/hutch was the first piece of furniture Matthew and I purchased together.
Before we had a baby
Before we had a house
Before I had a ring
It was black and shiny and needed a facelift.
Back when deciding which new shoes to wear to the office was the biggest drain on my free time I somehow neglected to start this project.
And then I had a wedding to plan, house to renovate, and baby to feed (in subsequent order, of course) and it sat like a big ugly black hole in the corner of our dining room sending me dirty looks every time I walked past.

So a few weeks ago while I was knee deep in laundry and packing for our trip to Nashville all the while keeping BabyGirl entertained, I decided it was time.
Why do I always start projects at the most inappropriate times?

{After-first try}

 {Glamour shot}

I LOVE how it looks like a rustic piece straight from an old farmhouse.
I used to house all of my fine china in a similar arrangement, but after the transformation my everyday pattern, berry & thread by Juliska, seemed a more suitable fit.
I HATE how it still cut my dining room in half and ate up too much wall space.
I wasn't a fan of the store display look it was taking on.
I didn't love how the pale gray color was lost on the white wainscoting and clashed with the tidewater blue walls.
Add in the dark floors and it was just too much going on.
One too many blocks of color for my liking
So I moved it to the breakfast room
And fell in love.  
I'm loving the grey on grey action and the subtle pops of pink.
I like how my salad plates pop now too.
I plan to do something fun with the upside down u shape in the doors.  
Paint them or wallpaper perhaps? 
*I was too lazy to sand so I painted straight over top the black.  
I decided some nicks and scratches down the road will give it more character
*I already moved it out of the dining room and into the kitchen*
*I've changed the display three times in between the two after shots so there's no telling what it looks like by the time you read this post*



  1. Looks great! I love the color you chose. I also love you didn't sand or prime it because I too always get too lazy and never do that! Love all your white china.

  2. I absolutely love this Julia! Your have such great talent and your house is beautiful!

  3. That piece is so gorgeous! I wish I could redo a piece of furniture...I know I wouldn't have the patience enough for it.

  4. That looks great. I like your display! What a handy piece of furniture!

  5. So great! I just finished my dresser (: I just love all the pretty dishes, too!

  6. I love what you did to your hutch. I am looking for a piece exactly like yours to put in my kitchen. It is beautiful, it would look nice in any room. Thank you for sharing.



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