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March 30, 2011

The life of a two year old

"What responsibilities?  
All he has to do is wake up and crap his pants"

So I'm starting a new thing where I post the highly inappropriate things that my friends or family members say.
They're entirely too entertaining, and true, to not disclose.
For the protection of everyone involved, and the chance those kiddos might be googled by Ivy League admissions counselors one day, I'll resist from calling any one out by name.
And now on to much more pressing matters
Dear friends,
I sincerely apologize for my run on sentences, over use of the ",", and under use of spell check.
I will probably continue to scrutinize you for poor spelling and grammar on facebook or where ever I see fit and then make those same mistakes myself here.
That, is, all.


  1. Let's eat grandpa!
    Let's eat , grandpa.
    punctuation saves lives.

    source unknown

  2. Cute post! Thanks for the grammar check up. :)


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