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March 28, 2011

Graham 2 year old photoshoot & Nashville recap

 Fear not, BabyGirl definitely did not steal all the charm and good looks in the family.
In fact, I'm pretty sure her cousin Graham could teach her a thing or two.
I hate that I was too busy being lazy and drinking wine with whole foods take-out for most of my trip to take a lot of pictures of my sister Elizabeth and her sweet family.
I promise I will do better next time.
So let's chat about Nashville.
They have a HomeGoods and a WholeFoods and that had me at hello.
I wore cowboy boots and drank Budweiser out of the red bottles at Whiskey Kitchen.
I watched Love&OtherDrugs on my sisters
Anne Hathaway, if you ever try to act eccentric and sexy again I will call Miranda and demand you become her starbucks fashion slave once more.
I listened to local live music in some honky tonks.
I chopped all my hair off and devoured an entire stack of Glamour and Cosmo for the first time in years while my sister got her highlights touched up.
I'm thrilled with my short hair.  It doesn't look a thing like a mom-don't and now I can't believe I waited so long to liberate my hair from the perma-ponytail.
I painted the bottom half of my sister's sitting room tidewater blue and made no-sew curtains using the same fabric as my slipper chairs.  
Hello, half the internet said it was a great combo, so why mess with a good thing.
I rolled my eyeballs at the youth-challenged ladies at calico corner who acted snootier than a *theta during Rush when I casually mentioned that I'd be making the window treatments myself.
I'm a blogger biotch...'course I'm making my own curtains  
*I was a theta in college so I feel like if I make fun of myself and own kind then I won't hurt any of y'alls feelings.  
Bless your hearts.
More pictures of that nonsense to come.



  1. Hold on! When did Graham grow up?!?! He's still (in my mind) an infant at your wedding! Completely gorgeous! Elizabeth, y'all all look amazing!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I need to see pictures of your hair asap- is this going to make me want to chop my hair off? Graham is giving Sterling a run for his money, he is precious!

  3. God love you for this post...and for the Theta comment. I was an AGD, but TOTALLY get it! :)

    "Just 'cause y'all can't DIY..."

    I wanna see that hair! And btw, really liking the look of your china hutch! Thread and Berry is one of my faves!! Have you changed it 30 more times? Just consider it styling practice!


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