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March 25, 2011

Travel Essentials for Baby by Baby Shopaholic

So I thought we'd wrap up the week with one more guest post so I can concentrate on smooshing on my sweet child.  
This will involve lots of holding and cheek squeezing.
I'd post a picture of our little patient but truth be told, she's a hot mess.
{And she can't get wet for 72 more hours}
You'd think they'd have a clean up crew post-op to work on the patient not just the floor.
When I say the child is attached to my hip, I mean it.
I thought our little vacay would do BabyGirl some good but it seems to have backfired and she's even more of a momma's girl than she was before.  
I am trying to soak it all up and relish this time because I know the day will come that she will push me away.
But any advice on how to make BabyGirl a bit more Miss Independent would be helpful.
Although I decided to leave my sweet baby at home on this trip, I know many of these items are a must.  They're essentials that I stock my diaper bag with for even the quickest trip to walmart.
Thanks Trina for posting such a great list for us!

Hi, I'm Trina from the Baby Shopaholic and
I am so happy to be doing this guest post for Julia on this Fab
blog! I pray that her little one has a speedy

I write about shopping for my baby so I thought I would let you in on
our travel essentials.  I know my baby loves to look fabulous
rolling in the airport!

Diaper Clutch -  This little this is so handy and stylish! 
You can store up to 4 diapers, a small pack of wipes and disposable
changing pad in this clutch.  You can pull this out of the
diaper bag and run to the bath room or stick it in your purse, no
need to lug the whole diaper bag.  Loves it!

Formula Dispenser -  This little thing is off the hook!  You
can store up to 8 oz worth of formula in each compartment.  Just
add how much your baby drinks in each slot and when your ready just
turn the cap to the slot and dump in the bottle!

Old Makeup bag - Take one of your small makeup bags and store the
babies personal items in it.  I put meds, lotion, baby wash,
sanitizer, and a couple of bows in it : )

Blanket - It can get really cold on the plan so make sure you have one
for your little darling!

Pacifier Clip -  They say give your baby something to suck on
during the flight to help with ear popping.  So after my baby
spit hers out and it fell underneath the seat during a flight I had to
get one of these.

Cute Outfit - Dress your child in a cute but comfy outfit for the
trip.   You need something that doesn't have a lot of parts
and easy to change a diaper in.  Throw in a cute jacket and hair
bow and they are ready!

Fabulous Diaper Bag - Now stuff everything in a Fly bag and your baby
is ready to go!

Babies want to travel in style too!  I hope you enjoyed the Baby Shopaholic's
Travel Essentials!  Thanks again Julia for having me!


  1. Great list! I use that diaper clutch all the time and I still use the formula dispenser for snacks now that S is on whole milk. Love the Gucci bag! xoxo

  2. A wonderful list! The hubby and I are about to have our first little one in June, so I love reading features like this -- Happy Friday!

  3. You got it together Trina!! Great post and tips!

  4. those are darling picks!! love them.


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