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March 7, 2011

House Beautiful Color Charts {Part I}

Okay, this is color week!
The post are as much for myself as they are for y'all. 
I came across this huge compilation the other day while I was desperately trying to find an online swatch of my front hall color, Antique Sterling by Glidden.
While my search for the specific gray I used was futile, I did think this was the most outstanding source for tried and true usable wall colors.
I'm pretty sure I already have every single one of these tear-outs from the originals piled high in my home design binder.
But in an effort to go paperless it was something I just knew I'd want to reference again and again.
I thought you just might want to as well.
I've got these all pre-loaded and set to load so I can spend as much time enjoying this amazing weather outdoors with my front-porch obsessed child.
Yes, I said child, not baby.
She's quite the grown-up these days with 4 front teeth and abs of steel to hold her little body up all the time now.
I hope some of y'all will find something you can use on your next home reno project!



  1. So many gorgeous colors. I think I will be taking that quiz later. I have such a hard time picking a color, its such a comittment! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  2. Ohhh, love this! And so need this right now, as I'm decorating like crazy! Thanks!!!

  3. I love love love the colors from the garden page with the pretty pastel greens and yellows! So many beautiful colors though- i want them all!

  4. Thanks for a fantastic resource:)

  5. I saw this too and thought it was so great! I love how you posted it :) I wish I could just print the first one for art!

  6. I just read through each and every page; thanks for sharing. Love the series!!

  7. Wow, this is awesome, thank you so much for compiling this for us! So helpful for my redo! Meeting with a designer this week and will show her this (and credit you!).

  8. I don't see how this is helpful considering the writing is soo small I can't even read it word for word. I really would like to read this entire post but can't seem to get the writing to go bigger. Is there a way of making the writing slightly larger?


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