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March 4, 2011

You Are The Best Thing {Ray LaMontagne}

I just wanted to take a moment to thank y'all for all of your incredible words this week.

From my home to my photography, your sweet compliments have swum beneath the surface and warmed my heart.
In the past year I have learned that it's best to do things for myself and not others.
And not in the selfish way.
I mean being true to what makes me happy and not trying to please everyone.
I am so thrilled to learn that I can achieve both.
I use this blog as a creative outlet and to know that others gain as much by reading as I do by sharing is the best thing ever.
You really are the best thing!

Happy weekend Y'all


  1. I have many happy memories involving Ray LaMontagne :) you put a smile on my face this morning. TGIF

  2. Thank you for making my morning-singing over here in my pj's in front of my mac!


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