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March 18, 2011

Traveling Essentials by luxe+lillies

I am so excited to welcome Keely here today to share some of her top traveling essentials. 
The girl has got an eye for style!
You may recognize this pretty and talented lady from the latest pages of Traditional Homes.
If you're not already a follower of her fabulous blog, Luxe + Lillies, you'll soon find it one of your top daily must reads.  
She never fails to give us a dose of daily pretties!
She has impeccable taste and I know you'll find some style inspiration here for your next trip!

I am so thrilled to be here today for one of the sweetest girls out there while her and her cute hubby are celebrating their anniversary! Aside from interiors, traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm excited that Julia has asked me to share my traveling essentials with you today!

Growing up, my dad was constantly on my case about my choice of shoes, carry on, whatever- it didn't seem to be a fitting choice for travel. After my first summer spend abroad with my now fiance, I learned the hard way what my dad was talking about. So, please hold your laughter on the Crocs.

I always travel in leggings or skinny stretch jeans- comfort is key! I especially like leggings with a little zipper or something so that if I don't have time to go to the hotel before going out to dinner at the destination, I can throw on heels and it doesn't look so plain! A comfy tshirt with a wrap style sweater is the perfect combination. You never know if the plane/destination will be hot or cold, so this combination ensures you will be comfortable and stylish whatever the climate.

Onto the shoes- really, this is important. I have a knack for getting to the curb with 45 minutes to takeoff- but I always make the plane. You might have to run, spend hours on end delayed somewhere, or deal with inclement weather. These Croc Marnie flats are my go to. They are the most comfortable things ever, keep my feet warm, and are versatile. No one ever believes they are Crocs, I swear!

A big purse/tote that can comfortable sling over your shoulder and hold all your stuff [ I dream of this Louis neverfull], big sunglasses are great for hiding a tired face, and a watch to keep time wherever you are- I've learned I cant always rely on my phone!
If I know I'm going to travel, I try really hard to wait until I'm traveling to read the newest magazines. [a little tip: you can save a lot of money buying magazines at your local drugstore before you get to the airport!] My go-to's are always Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine, which is one of my favorite magazines even though its local, its just jam packed with good tidbits!

I carry my Russell and Hazel planner, and my favorite dual tip Zig "Writer" pens. It always has phone numbers, addresses, and general information I collect throughout my day- I'm a list maker, it helps me stay on track!

Of course, identification. When I need my passport, I always travel with a little passport case to hold paperwork, ticket stubs... proof that "yes, I plan to return to America".

The Internet didn't want to produce a picture of the travel size Johnson's deep hydrating hand creme. Its the BEST! Skin gets drier than normal while traveling and this lotion smells fresh, isn't oily, and really works! I love that I can use this on my hands, and face if need be! Burt's Bee's is minty and hydrating, a great pick me up for dry lips! Neutrogena face wipes are a great refreshing, or emergency hand wipes! And Mascara- the perfect pick me up for looking slightly more polished upon arrival.

Last but not least, my iPad. I know that your supposed to unplug when you go away, but, as a blogger, I can never be away too long- that blog is like my baby. I like to be able to quickly check my emails, other blogs, or just pass time surfing the Internet.

What are your Must-Pack items!? I would love to hear!


  1. Great post and you are right she does have a great eye :)

  2. I always pack a little lysol spray bottle and airborne. Just in case.

    I'm going to have to try that hand cream!!

  3. Great post! Well written and chosen items. I travel in much the same way. Skinnies, layers, ballet flats, big bag... Happy weekend ladies.

  4. Love this post! Lots of great tips. And we dress similar when traveling, yay!

  5. Perfect packing to me...loving the outfit for the plane - cute and comfy!!

  6. Such a great post!! I'm right there with you that youre supposed to detach a little on vacations, but I always need to have my iPhone and books when traveling. Great tips :)

  7. Absolute must have when travelling by air: Wet Ones Antibacterial individually wrapped. Wipe down anything that you could touch around your seat, including the air vent, tray table, light button, seat back button and window handle. Can also be used to freshen your face & hands after a long flight. They fit perfectly into the inside zipper pocket of your tote.

    I also like to bring a hair elastic or headband. Keeps your hair out of your eyes when you need to turn the overhead air vent on full blast.

    Don't forget to pack your earphones too.


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