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March 17, 2011

Traveling Essentials by Michaela Noelle

I'm sure most of y'all already know this rainy city young designer.  
Michaela is in college studying interior design yet still finds the time to author a fantastic blog and look smashing (at least on Fridays).
{I'm pretty sure I ran around in rainbows, soffee's and sorority t-shirts}
So thrilled to have her here today to share with us her traveling essentials!

Well hello lovely readers of Pawleys Island Posh! I'm Michaela, visiting from Michaela Noelle Designs, and am so excited to be hanging out here with Julia today!

While Julia is traveling to Nashville to celebrate her Anniversary {hooray!} I'll be talking about traveling.  
I'll start by saying I'm not fond of flying, but since I'm from California and am going to Seattle Pacific University in order to study Interior Design, I am a frequent flyer.  Here are some things I've learned:

1. Don't wear silly socks under your boots when flying.  
Once, I wore long bright pink socks with sunflowers all over them, forgetting I had to take off my shoes to get through security.  People definitely stared. 

2. Don't wear a lot of metal.
You know how you have to walk through that big machine and if you're wearing anything metal it will beep real loud and the people behind you will start letting out their loud sighs? Well, on my first walk through the metal detector, it beeped. It was my Tiffany & Co. bracelet. I took it off and walked through again, apologizing for holding up the line. Upon my second walk through, it beeped again. It was my belt. Oops!  Third beeps again. Now I'm frustrated! What was it?!  My headband! So now I was walking through the metal detector with leggings, socks up to my calf, a casual dress with no belt, no headband and no accessories.  I fear the day when we have to literally take off everything to walk through that thing.  It was tragic!

3. Do invest in some brightly colored suitcases.
For one, it makes finding your bag easier. It also makes traveling a little more fun!

Cute shoe tags help, too. Even your luggage can be accessorized!

4. If you're nervous about flying, it's nothing a Dramamine or Benadryl can't fix!
Tried it, it works (:

5. Dress in layers.
There's nothing worse than being cold on a plane. Pants, socks, shirt, jacket and scarf are essential in my book. I prefer leggings and a long shirt or casual me it's more comfy.  But, stretchy jeans and a comfortable top with a sweater are great, too.
Here are some examples of outfits I'd wear on a plane:

Leggings, boots, flowy dress and a jacket to layer!
Stretchy jeans, flats and a soft, casual top.
Jeans, comfortable top which can be layered with a scarf and jacket, and some cute Steve Madden boots!
Thanks, Julia, for having me at your oh-so-posh blog today! I just adore you and your fabulous style!  Happy travels, everyone!

PS-I can't wait to drink a green beer in the airport this afternoon because, that's right, this momma is on SPRING BREAK.  That's right, where BYOB does not mean baby!  I decided to take y'alls advice and leave BabyGirl behind.  Keep your fingers crossed we all do okay!


  1. Great travel ideas! Did you decide if you are taking baby girl?!

  2. Super travel tips! I will be bookmarking this post for my Montana trip:)

  3. Hi Julia! I'm visiting from Michaela's blog! Love your blog - I'm a new follower :) I love Pawleys Island! I'm from NC so the SC beaches were our favorite vacation spot growing up! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Thanks for having me today, Julia!

  5. Michaela is so sweet and informative. I loved this!

  6. Great list! I adore michaela. I also hate flying might need to try the meds next time! Enjoy your trip and green beer! Xoxo

  7. Cute post ladies! And have fun on your trip!!

  8. Great tips for traveling Michaela!! Staying warm on the plane is so essential, sometimes I feel awkward asking the flight attendant for a blanket (they don't always have them). Happy anniversary to you and your husband Julia!!
    Happy weekend :)


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