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March 9, 2011

Two Sisters {Pawleys Island Photo-shoot}

Okay, enough with the damn color charts. 
I've even managed to bore myself so I can only imagine how y'all feel.
Anyway, I thought I'd help us all get through hump day with some pretty pictures of two pretty sisters.

Anna and Alexis are just as sweet on the inside as they are pretty on the outside.  
I'm kinda jealous that these precious ladies managed to avoid the awkward middle school years.

Their poor mama is in for some trouble once the boys start calling...

don't forget to visit my facebook page here for more pictures from this gorgeous photo-shoot 


  1. Oh my gosh, they are gorgeous. You should have seen me at that age, all I can say is yikes!! Beautiful pictures Miss Talented! Looking forward to Monday and your friend will love the Baked Manicotti!

  2. Beautiful portraits Julia! Your images are always so crisp and have a lovely punch of color.

  3. Could they be ANY cuter! Omgsh- just stunning photos! They are so age appropriate and sweet, love the wellies too!


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