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April 11, 2011

Pink and Green Nursery

BabyGirl's Pink & Green Nursery

I really wanted to do my best to make it a bright and airy space
Lots of bright colors with a clean white backdrop so when she lays in her crib at night and looks around it's mostly white which I think helps her sleep better.
I tell you what, I had the hardest time deciding what to place on the walls.
They went bare for months.
Even after I had picture frames and canvases lined up again the wall ready to be hung I still froze
I didn't want to do the typical block letter name thing
And I really didn't want a picture collage or a mural
So I set out to create my own art because it's the only custom route I could afford
I didn't want to "over decorate" either because I wanted the room to grow with her.
Sweet Baby for now
More bold and vibrant later
I think it would be fun to wallpaper the top half of the walls
and add some white chalkboard paint disguised in some of those panels for instant playtime art
I also love the idea of keeping the top half white and adding her own artwork displayed gallery style covering all the walls
I'd like to get the art work framed with big chunky gold frames
Can you imagine how precious those two animals would be keeping watch over two twin beds?

 And because we all ADORE a good before and after I'll remind you of what this space looked liked when the ugly bomb went off before we moved in

I can't even think of anything snarky to say
I'm clearly not on my a-game today

BabyGirl should thank her lucky stars that I've got imagination
and was smart enough to pick a baby daddy that likes a weekend project
I'm just saying
Okay, now I know how y'all love some details so you can copy my fabulous ideas


walls & paneling
decorator white by sherwin williams
ceiling color
SW6574 Rosily

Link in Key Lime

White Matelasse 
Diaper pad cover

2 animal prints, ballerina & pink&green abstract
Charleston print by W.B. Thompson of Rainbow Row
Bible print from As for Me & My House in Pawleys Island

Best Chair 
StoryTime Series Nava Rocker in joker

Crib Sheet
TARGET-no longer available

Green Parsons Table

Just so no one thinks I'm full force Stepford (although I can't say I wouldn't take it as a compliment) I hid the big overflowing basket of toys in the closet and there's also a giant hamper of dirty clothes hidden from view
Oh, and I moved the tv into the hallway.
I don't want crazies giving me shit for overdosing my child on Baby Einstein
Matthew actually offered to mount it over her crib, bless his heart
I actually thought really hard about that one
but had to draw the line somewhere



  1. Looks amazeballs, seriously. Love the color combo. I especially love the pictures above the bed. I agree I still have yet to hang anything on Sterling's walls. I hate all the cliched baby stuff. Just bought that link fabric in gray for my dining room chairs, so you know I loves it! Happy Monday Dear!

  2. This is a dream room ! Your baby girl is very lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful artwork ( made by her loving mommy) and sooting colors:))) I love every detail , especially the awesome ceing color.

  3. I am dying over the art! Such whimsy :)

  4. I really like how fresh this sweet room feels! The white with pops of color comes off very crisp and pretty!

    And just so you know, our guest room was a similar shade of "pig skin pink" before we moved in! Yikes!!

  5. It looks great! The art is beautiful!

  6. Ohhhh girlfriend, this is fantastic. Beautifully done.

  7. Loving the "ugly bomb" comment. Must be used more frequently (because lets face it, unfortunately, it's going to be needed at times). The snarkiest I get at the moment is the before nursery would definitely give baby girl nightmares instead of sweet dreams. You may have already written this. I'm tired.
    Disclaimer: I have a 5 week old, therefore my brain to does not function at high capacity. I'm usually a LOT more clever.

  8. Loving your babys nursery!!! Seriously. Fabulous. Thank you for sharing where you found the things in her room! I have been searching high and low for a glider/ottoman that does not cost an arm and a leg! You answered my prayers this morning! I am def going to do a post about my frustration in finding the perfect chair for babys nursery. Would it be ok if I referenced you and your blog?

  9. Alicia, those chairs are the best! They're available in tons of cute styles and colors and they're the only reasonably priced chairs I've seen. You should definitely do a post about them -- no one should have to decide between Babies R Us on the one hand and PBK and Serena & Lily on the other.

  10. Hey ladies, I have to agree! I know several friends plus my sister that purchased this brand. I am in love with the nava style because it is slimmer and looks less like a nursery rocker. It's my favorite chair and I plan on buying another one for my next child's nursery so they'll both have one! Price is insanely good for the exceptional quality! Can't wait to see your post! xoxox

  11. Oh bloggy soulmate how you delight me light and bright and lovely! One word. Ipad. No evidence for the haters. A girl's gotta stay sane you know. xoxo Shel

  12. Your friend said it best on the art. Amazeballs. Oh, whats that you ask? What can THIS GIRL make? Um, a mess. So, consider me impressed. xoxo

  13. What did you paint with? I love the pictures!

  14. Gorgeous! I love the painted ceiling..its my fav :)

  15. love, love, love it! especially the artwork (zebra and giraffe=super cool!). any baby sleeping in this room is sure to be stylish!


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