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April 8, 2011

Pretty quotes

It's been a tough week.
Emotionally and physically.
I'm spent 
{Don't worry, it's nothing that a few days in the sun and a few corona's in a cooler can't cure}
It's nothing bad
Matthew and BabyGirl and SweetBoy and I are all more than fine
I've just go so much going on and so much to fill y'all in on.
Lots of big changes coming our way and I'm trying to stay centered. 
But that's enough of that
For now



  1. Beautiful quotes. Hope everything is ok! I am thinking about you! Enjoy that sun this weekend, Vitamin D always helps as does booze!

  2. Great inspiration for living! I am sending big hugs and prayers your way. Everything will work out , promise.

  3. I def need some sun & coronas!

  4. R&R is definitely a must when things start to get too overwhelming. Have fun in the sun!

    Beautiful pictures :)

  5. Me, too. Thanks for the inspiring quotes! Deep breaths.. xxx. Whit

  6. Hi Julia. I am Emily, from Texas. I stubled upon your blog a few months ago and have fallen in love with it! At the risk of sounding stalkerish...I was over at & recognized the photos of your living room - it is fabulous!! (I must spend too much time online...) My family adores South Carolina. I grew up vacationing there. In fact, my mom and I are staying on Pawley's for her 60th bday this spring. Thanks for your blog and bringing a little Pawley's to Texas....

  7. beautiful quotes (i collect quotes and some of these have now been added to my ever-growing list)! hope this weekend gives you the reflection time and relaxation you need!

  8. I love how you are always so positive! I hope everything is okay and that the sun & cocktails heal you!


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