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April 7, 2011

The Way I see it

So blogger won't let me upload anything.
It keeps giving me a server rejected message so it's going to be a super boring post about my chlid unless I can fix this problem before bed.

So BabyGirl is finally starting to show some interest in food.
And by interest I mean below are the items that she'll even allow to go past her lips, in teeny tiny quantities
She's over 8 months and has continued to boycot anything resembling baby food in favor of a straight liquid diet
{I'm not worried, we'll just switch her to slim fast or ensure once she outgrows formula.  I'm just saying...}
She had her first playdate with out her momma this week and her sweet big girl friend AK introduced her to a few new things at snack time.  And BabyGirl, always the perfect guest, felt inclined to eat her snack. 
She now apparently likes:
banana puffs
strawberry yogurt
Nilla Wafers
Cheddar cheese
Maybe if I can teach her how to chew some flintstone gummies we'll just call it a day
She also continues to enjoy five or six 8oz bottles a day so long as you hold it for her.
The girl prefers to go hungry rather than hold her own bottle.
Have any of y'all had any struggles or success with feeding?



  1. Lilli is extremely picky as well. My girl will only eat sweet potatoes, an occasional fruit medley, and earth's best teething biscuits. Last night we tried some market fresh veggies. She ate the whole 6oz jar with out any protest. I think the trick is to offer her some water in between bites. She won't drink water from a sippy cup or from a bottle (in fact she won't touch a bottle....that's a whole other topic) so I have to give it to her by straw, I literally have to drop the water into her mouth like a baby bird! Have you tried mixing her food with oatmeal or rice cereal? I'm sure you've probably done everything. Maybe try the water. Just know that you're not alone in your struggle!! Good luck!!

  2. Love it! At least no dairy allergy.

  3. So funny - sounds like a delicious diet...can't computers be the most frustrating sometimes?!

  4. My last baby would not hold his either! Pretty my he is the king and we all did it for him...bad news he gave up the bottle before he ever held it himself. He could he just wouldn't :) Gotta love em'

  5. Well at least your lil one will eat finger almost 11 month old only eats purees, with the exception of Baby MumMums, Puffs, YoBaby yogurt, and cheese. He will not switch to finger foods! Which purees have you tried so far?


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