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April 6, 2011

Benjamin Moore China White

China White
Benjamin Moore 

I'm thinking about painting a very large space this color.
Like a whole downstairs.  
What do y'all think?
Too light?
Too white?
Pale perfection?
I'd love your comments on this one. 
I'm so on the fence


  1. I love it! I say do it!

  2. I am saying YES YES YES! So chic and sophisticated but yet inviting! Perfect color!

  3. It looks close to the color I have in MANY of my rooms called China Doll.....if you have a color wheel, look and see how close it is, as I LOVE IT on all of my walls, and get lots of 'whats this color, i love it?' maybe that will help bc it looks REALLY similar.

    Oh, and picturing you in LP while your hub is in his VV on your front porch- picture perfection in pink rockers. LOVE (did you see nashville JUST got VV?)

  4. thanks girls! It's for my grandmother's house. She lives in an old historic row house and she's letting me give her house a makeover! I think the fresh and light color will translate really well with the traditional style of the home and give the look of all of her pretty antiques and well loved personal knick-knacks a fresh look.

    MavenGirl-YES!!! Of course I went to the VV store almost every day I was in Nashville. It's right by the whole foods that I was seriously excited to frequent daily as well. And can we talk about that precious children's store that flaunted their Joe's Jeans distressed jeggings in size 12m?

  5. I always say that I could use two houses. one for my colorful side . second for my all white , cream neutral side. You get to live out my fantasy by doing your g-ma's house :)))

  6. I want those steps in my dream beach house! Yummmmm.

  7. I love this color -- I've used it in projects before, but I definitely prefer it in spaces that get a lot of natural light. I used it once in a garden apartment design and with only dull sunlight it looked a bit dingy.

  8. I just found your lovely blog and just love all your great images! China White is fantastic, I have it in my great room/kitchen and I have a girlfriend who used it also. Not a creamy white just perfect!


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