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April 28, 2011

Rain Boots outfit inspiration

So I was just browsing around on College Prep and came across a pretty little board she did for rainy days.
I know it's a little late in the season and we should be sharing summer outfit choices, but oh well.
I've mentioned before that I own two pairs of Hunter Wellies, pink and black, and I seriously get a smile on my face on rainy days now because I get to wear them. 
I'm always looking for new outfits ideas and love her last option paired with the skirt.
Madewell v neck sweater
$115 -

J crew cardigan
$50 -

J crew sweater
$88 -

J Crew wool mini skirt
$30 -

Gucci tuxedo pants
$850 -

J Crew slim jeans
$60 -

Hunter rubber rain boot
$125 -

$84 -

Hunter rubber rain boot
$125 -

$150 -

Also, I'm in luuuurve with the new Hunter "Turks" Ballet flats.  They're very chanel-inspired and are a perfect replacement for your Reva's on rainy days.



  1. I am liking outfits 2 and 3. You are seriosly making me want a pair of Wellies. But the bigger decision is what color?? I am thinking I can't go wrong with black. I was in Half Moon Outfitters this week and they have the cutest baby Wellies! I really want to get Sterling a pair, does Baby girl have a pair?

  2. Not yet! I want to order her the little pink ones so badly but her feet are still so teeny.
    Girl, I seriously bought two pairs on the same day for that reason. I fell in love with the hot pink ones but knew the black were much more practical. Of course that was before I had a mortgage and a baby! You really can't go wrong with any color!

  3. I didn't know Hunter is now making flats! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!


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