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May 13, 2011

wallpaper help

So it's no secret that the design blog world is courting wallpaper.  I'm pretty sure my own love affair has blossomed after seeing so many beautiful examples of how it can transcend a space further than any other design element.
Any advice on where I can get a hold of some online?



  1. I don't have any ordering advice, but oh how I love wallpaper-- it's such a great way to add elegance to a room!

  2. Love the yellow Ellen Allen bag on the table in the closet!

  3. a lot of them are to the trade only so you have to call their showrooms or a stocking dealer (design firm)

    i just so happen to work for a design firm and would love to order some for you and can ship directly to your house :D

    let me know if there are any you are looking at and i can get price quotes for you! have a great day!


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