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Windsor Smith

May 3, 2011

This lady is so talented I realized she needed her own Design Dump
She's insanely talented and you'll recognize many of her spaces from the pages of all our favorite shelter magazines.  If I had no budget, she would be at the top of my list for a consult 
(right after Candice Olsen)

What's your favorite?
I don't know that I can choose

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  1. Ohhh they are all so pretty! I can't choose a fave! I love them all. Makes me want a whole house makeover!!!

  2. Ummm can't choose! She is sooo stinkin talented!

  3. I have always wondered who was responsible for those amazing glossy aqua floors! They really are spectacular:)

  4. LOVE Windsor Smith!! I have a HUGE unhealthy design crush on her. ;) Just started following your blog, love it. xo

  5. Love *all* of it...I'm really crushing on that sitting room with the sunburst mirror in the middle of the window...it looks so amazing!!! I don't think I've ever just looked at a concentration of her work before...*INSANE*...I'm pretty sure my design celebrity is Sarah Richardson (c:

  6. She really speaks my language. Tops in my book!

  7. I love every picture, seriously! This is some great inspiration for my sad house!

  8. She's so ridiculously talented. I def can't choose.

  9. My favorite...WHAT...are you kidding me...all of them!

  10. Oh no biggie, let me just wipe up the drool from all over my laptop.......the kids rooms and nurseries.....jeez, the color palettes, drool drool drool drool..........

  11. I can't choose, I just can't and I really tried. Hmmm. Loving the red dining chairs?
    Great images, thanks!


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