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May 2, 2011

Jack Rogers Jellies

Ladies of the South, fear not.
We can now wear our jack rogers to the beach and on the boat


  1. Genuis! I refuse to wear mine on the boat after I ruined my first pair.

  2. I saw these on Saks website yesterday- can't wait to get a pair!

  3. I know! Saw these over the weekend. Ordering today!

  4. Just what I need to take on my honeymoon! So cute!

  5. LOVE! They had them at TJMAXX yesterday- random. But of course you knew I was going to put that. OF COURSE I saw them at TJ. xoxo Shel

  6. Oh my, I have to get on their site, like now! JR's are all I wear all summer long but hate to wear them in the rain so these are perfect for anything water related. Just ordered the low wedges in metallic and love them, all I had before were (too many!) pair of the navajo flats.


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