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July 21, 2011

being a mom

This article couldn't have said it better.
I've been a mom for almost a year now and I'm terrible at keeping in touch.
I don't return calls and I don't check my voicemail.
If you reach me, you have.  If you haven't, sorry.
I'm a bit better with texting and emails.
But even those leave conversations unfinished with responses coming hours and sometimes days late.
I know my mom friends understand but I worry others think worse.
To my friends with out kids, here you go.

My excuse, my defense, my explanation.



  1. LOOOOOOOVE this!

  2. Amen sister, what a fabulous article.

  3. I'm sooo sharing this with everyone I know!!! Why do people think stay at home moms sit around eating bon bons while the kid(s) do Lord knows what??? LOL, I mean truth be told, it's actually harder than a 9-5. Most people go to work, do their job, & go home. Stay at home moms can't do that. You don't 'go home' at the end of a shift, lol. Thanks for sharing this. It was definitely refreshing!

  4. new mom here - so true! Carolyn is always on point...

  5. What a great article! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Loved this! So glad you shared it! Boy how true! I think that is why most of the people I hang out with now have kids bc they understand!

  7. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    To quote a fave movie of mine..."Dead on, balls accurate."

  8. This. Made. My. Day. I will be sharing. Thanks lady!

  9. i'm forwarding this to some of my girlfriends. Great post!

  10. Holla! Couldn't be more true. Thanks for sharing this!!

  11. Hi there,
    I never comment on these boards but it seems maybe everyone who responded to this and left a comment must have kids and I needed to throw in my 2 cents. I have several friends that have kids that this article does not apply to and no, they are not stay at home mom's. They are attorneys, business owners and such. They made a conscious effort to keep the life and friendships they found meaningful in tact. They thankfully do not rely on the idea that they have other friends who have kids, so they'll understand factor. I think it's a bit traggic when friendships are taken for granted because someone has made an addition to their life- instead of embracing the people in life already, they alienate and neglect something meaningful that previously existed. I realize it's extremely difficult but I think it's worth trying to find a balance and making some time for your own life no matter how little it turns out to be because it's definitely possible. I've witnessed it myself and truly respect the women who approach their lives this way. People we have in our lives should be there because they're worth spending time with, obviously they were in someone's life because they added something up until a new child came into the world. I think new mom's should take time to adjust to the new challenges in their lives but should also try to incorporate their new bundle of joy into the great life they already have, not completely replace it... Just a different opinion respectfully shared.


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