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February 21, 2012

funny pinterest and my front hall storage problem

So we literally have no storage by our front door.  The walls creating a proper entrance hall were removed decades ago so you walk directly into the living room from the front door.  I really like the extra living space it's created where a hallway used to be but it leaves a major problem with storage.  I originally placed our skirted table just beside the front door to store boots and scarves and other outdoor daily's but that piece is currently housing the tv.  I moved a storage unit from Target in it's place and while the smaller compartments are much more useful, it's created a cluttered landing zone.  I decided I desperately need to make another skirted table, only this time I plan to use velcro instead of a staple gun because this piece isn't solid wood.  I'm not sure what type of skirt I want or what fabric to use so I draped a leftover white curtain over the top for the time being.  
I actually really love the plainness of the white.
Maybe I could try adding some trim?  
But what color?  Which one?
Also, don't judge the table styling.  It's got a long way to go.

 It's really perfect for holding all items usually hidden behind front hall closet doors.

And now something funny
because that's how I roll
Are you following my pins yet?
If not, you should be.


  1. Love the look! And, still diggin the pink hunters :) Oh I feel I'm not so great with colors... Maybe a gray?

  2. Oh this picture is just so lovely. Love the skirted table.

  3. That works perfectly! I think some navy trim would be a great pop :)

  4. Great solution. I actually posted a skirted table I made for my foyer today, if you want to pop on by and check it out. I used trim from M&J Trimming to spruce mine up a bit. I just glued it on with fabric glue and it has held up great. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. I almost bought that same target storage bin for Sterling's room. Great idea to store stuff in there and hid it under a skirt! That quote makes me laugh because its so true.

  6. I really like the draped cabinet. Hiw about black or teal grosgrain trim? And where do live that you have snow?! For some reason i thought u lived in florida?!

  7. I love the idea. I always go with Navy when I am not sure. Navy can go with pinks, greens, cream... pretty much everything.

  8. Love the #2 with the simple navy ribbon. It doesn't take away from that gorgeous rug.:)

  9. Is this also classic grey on the walls? the same you had in your new nursery. I think I'm going to do some painting this weekend... eek!


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