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February 22, 2012

skirted table ideas


Okay so I'm being a follower today and asking for more advice on my skirted table.  
Basically I need this to be a free project so my choices are limited to fabric/ribbon/trim I already own.  Y'all always have the best taste and suggestions so I'm opening it up for a vote.
**I added a fourth choice based on the suggestion of several readers**

Here'a a quick reminder of it's current state

Waverly aviary in robins egg fabric border

Same fabric I used to make another table skirt as well as the two slipper chairs both in the living room that opens up from this entry way.
Problem 1:  too much of this fabric in one space
Problem 2:  doesn't really go with the rug and I love the rug.


navy blue grosgrain ribbon used as trim
I really like this option a lot.  I like that's it keeps the skirt mostly white and adds a bit of a graphic and traditional feel.  Also like the darker color.
Problem:  adding yet another color to this room.  I'd been thinking of adding navy to help weigh down all the pastels.  Hmmm, maybe not a problem afterall

Waverly cross hatch in charcoal border with GREY grosgrain trim
This is the same fabric used in the floor to ceiling drapes as well as the storage ottoman right next to this space.
Problems?  None that I can see  

Option 4
Waverly cross hatch in charcoal border with NAVY grosgrain trim*****

Let's vote please!

Okay, so I moved the table altogether.
It just wasn't working for me.
What do you think of what I picked?



  1. I'd go with the Waverly cross hatch. I think that would look great.

  2. 2 or 3 get my vote.
    I am a navy blue girl if I had to choose one.

  3. I really like #3. You are right on #1 - too much of the same fabric and not jiving with the rug. #2 might be a bit too bold of a color choice against the white. By the way, are you wearing a blusher in your wedding photo? So romantic!

  4. I like the Navy trime best, and the cross hatch second best. But you can't really go wrong, they would both look great.

  5. #2. Def. I think the navy would read as a neutral in the space, so I wouldn't worry about adding another color.LOVE!


  6. 2 and 3 are my faves too. i love the play of patterns with the waverly cross hatch and your vase. could you put the navy ribbon as a trim between the white and waverly fabrics?

  7. It's a tough tie between 2 and 3. I really love them both, but I would probably go with the navy ;)

  8. Lisa had my exact thought! Add navy trim to top of the fabric in 3.

  9. The navy ribbon! Navy can be a great neutral, just like black. It's going to look great!!

  10. My favorites are 2 and 3. Looks like a lot of the other gals feel the exact same way!

    If I had to choose one out of those two, I think I'd choose the navy grosgrain ribbon trim.

  11. Option #3 gets my vote-love how the cross hatch compliments the vase on the table!

  12. I'd go with #3! Let us know what you choose, I think any of them still look great!

  13. Waverly cross hatch in charcoal border with navy grosgrain trim!

  14. Love the last one!!! :)

  15. 3 or 4, and given where you have it I'm leaning towards 3... :) All are great!

  16. My vote is for #2 with #4 coming in a close second but there is just something I really like about the simple navy grosgrain ribbon.

  17. I vote option three. I like the contrast of the grey and the rug.

  18. Stick with the simple navy. I would even try to find a thicker trim (in a brushed cotton) somewhat similar to this ( but not as thick.

  19. #3 Simple, Neutral, can be used in other places at other times...

  20. This is a no brainer....the last one!

  21. number 4, or if you go with just ribbon. How about a different design. One like Cailin Wilson's border pillows would look cool.

  22. Its going to look great! If I had to pick #2, simple navy, would be it!

  23. Option 2 all the way! It provides a really clean tailored look. Let us know which you chose! :)

    Tartan & Sequins

  24. Am I too late to vote? I'd go for the blue ribbon! Can't wait to see what you chose!

  25. Number 3! Do not like the one you added as extra. The navy ribbon looks just like what you did-had it lying around. In my opinion :)) LOVE number 3 :)

  26. Option 3, I like how the vase and the fabric pattern match, that's what decided it for me!!


  27. Am I allowed to ask what does the table underneath the skirt look like? I love the skirted idea but for this space I think it would look beautiful with the table off the corner and more centered with the wellies showing underneath. Otherwise I like the blue grosgrain by itself the most :). Just an idea when I envisioned the space.

  28. Ok, nevermind :). I just read the next post and didn't notice I missed that one until now.


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