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February 23, 2012

spray paint remorse

First of all, thanks so much for all your help yesterday.  
Y'all ROCK!
  Keep the opionions coming because I doubt I'll get to this project before next week.
I've been on the spray paint bandwagon lately and started spray painting everything in sight.
Sometimes is successful, like my table project here.
Other times it's a spray paint fail.
Enter lamps
I really wanted to add some orange to my house in honor of Pantone's color of the year, tangerine.
And I thought getting rid of the shabby chic look in favor of a more modern orange should be a no-brainer.
Not so much. 
I covered these two distressed cream candlestick lamps in a nice orange (mandarin by Krylon) but it just doesn't work with the style of the lamps or my rooms so after several weeks of trying to make myself like them, I just gave in and sprayed them back to a nice glossy white.
I accidentally deleted the before pictures off my camera before getting it uploaded but the lamp above a pretty close match.

After spraying them down with orange
(I just wrapped the tops and the cords with plastic wrap to keep from getting sprayed)
and then back to white
I'm not quite done with them yet but I will be sticking with a white base for sure.

Have y'all ever had any painters remorse?



  1. Absolutely. I have one lamp in my husband's office that has been 4 colors..I bought it at Goodwill for $5 and it was UGLY...cream with some awful flowers painted on. I sprayed it white, then brushed nickel, then one blue (the wrong blue) and finally the right blue! All before using it once.

  2. I give you credit for at least trying the orange! My painting mistake involved me being lazy/frugal. I tried painting a mirror with some leftover white flat paint, and it came out horrible, so I went out and bought semi-gloss to give it a little shine and life.

  3. I've been there for sure! I have a table that's been so many colors I can't even remember what it started with! :)

  4. I sprayed a floor lamp so many times trying to get the color right for my family room. All in an effort to save money & not buy a new lamp. But if you add up what I spent on spray paint it would have been cheaper to buy a new lamp!

  5. Oh, definitely! I painted my bedroom at home a aqua blue, only to realize that it needed to be beige for my parents (since I was already in college and officially moving out).

  6. hell yeah! I have re paint a sideboard in our breakfast room about 3 shades of coral before setting on weathered coral by serena and Lily. I even cried a lot, threw a minor temper tantrum (felt kinda good) and sobbed some more. It was so much hard work to strip and re paint and strip and repaint I paid someone to do the last time. It looks perfect now but it took a lot of work!

  7. I have a lamp that has been sprayed at least 4 different colors. And I still dont like it! I feel your pain :)

  8. I just found your blog and I'm 100% in love! I have quite the case of painters remorse.

  9. Maybe you could try orange lamp shades? It's worth a try!

  10. Yes I spray painted a dresser for our master bedroom and the blue was way too blue and since the piece was so freaking heavy I made my husband just move it to the guest room instead of painting it again. So now we have an odd blue dresser in our guest room I like to think that one day I'll paint it a proper color!

  11. I used to spray lamps all the time. I love it. Cheap and easy!

    I might recover the lamp shade with bright white fabric to match the lampshade.

  12. Right now I'm feeling that way with every wall in my house. Not feeling it anymore. On the lamps, at least you gave it a shot and it was a simple fix!

  13. Ummmm don't hate me but I like the orange better. Looks good to me.

  14. It turned out so pretty. I love the white color. I'm so excited right now thinking about spray painting some of my furniture.

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