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April 1, 2012

living room coffee table

So I went to upload this little sneak peek "before" picture of a project I worked on last night with my coffee table that's been sitting in our garage in Pawleys since I bought it almost three years ago
when I  realized I never showed y'all a picture of my living room in it's previous stage.
Before I added my own art and changed the rug, lamps, pillows, and throw.
And I said I'd try to share images of my spaces as they evolve.
So here you go, just a little late.

Was I the only one who spent Saturday night with a staple gun and Lifetime movies?


  1. I love the art behind the sofa! The colors in your living room are so soothing and inviting! And I love the coffee table! The scale is great. I was also doing some DIY around the house last night, except I had the tv on HGTV! :)

  2. i love pretty much everything in these pictures. EVERYTHING. and i spent last night writing blog posts and watching LMN. i big puffy heart LMN. and we are so tight that it allows me to call it that rather than lifetime movie network.

  3. Beautiful room! Where is the rug from in the first pic?

  4. gorgeous room! I really love the coffee table and the artwork! And that is one beautiful orchid!

  5. I'm loving seeing how your spaces evolve. And, so eager to see what you were up to last night with that coffee table.

  6. Julia! It looks great… still loving that pink art and new throw!!

  7. I love the before and after! Where did you get those pink watercolor pictures behind your couch in the first image - did you make them? So so pretty! We actually went to Home Depot last night to get some things for several projects I am working no, you are not alone :)

  8. Love the curved sofa. Could you share the maker/designed?


  9. That is amazing!!! And your sofa is perfection in your room!
    ps -- featured you friday :)


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