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May 31, 2012

office design

 Okay, so I've mentioned before that I turned our formal dining room into an office and playroom. 
I gave y'all a sneak preview of my chairs yesterday and a little view of the skirted table with the yellow lamps a few weeks ago.  I'm still plugging away slowly but a finally a cohesive design is coming together in my head nicely.  
I'm going bright and bold for sure.  
Orange, pink, yellow, and turquoise to be exact.  
Quite the contrast from my mostly neutral living room.
 It's still a major work in progress but I'm loving the direction it's headed.
PS-can you tell I'm obsessed with that necklace, it's got me thinking I NEED to add some turquoise into the space for sure.
What do you think?
Am I CRAZY for putting all this color in one room?
A room that's adjacent to my living room which y'all know is not the same style.

I already had a remnant of the brown and white zebra fabric so I have no idea who makes it.  I included the link for the closest match I could find in my 2 second online search this morning :)
fabric sources:  zebra | ikat



  1. No! You know I love me some color. I am coming over this weekend for a consult.

  2. I love the colors..... they are certain to inspire and invigorate you each time you walk in!

  3. LOVE the colors! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my office…can you come help me?! ;)

  4. I have been eyeing that pink fabric it is awesome. My Matt would never go for it, you have a good man..... Oh I think I am going for the gray necklace- the yellow one came from a shady seller!

  5. What beautiful fabric... and no, I don't think you're crazy. Go bold!! :) It will be such a fun, kid-friendly space.

  6. I love turquoise. I'm so lusting after your J.Crew bubble necklace.

  7. LOVE those colors! So funny are you trying to add color as I am trying to de color! HA!

  8. It will be so fun to have a room with so much color next to a more neutral pallet. Maybe just add a lot of your color with accessories that can be changed if you get tired of it? Things that can be recovered or painted? Keep the walls a workable hue!

  9. I'm in love! Go for it so I can drool over the pics!! :)

  10. I love color! I say go for it! :)

  11. I think it sounds fabulous and you should go for it! It'll be a fun room to put together. I love both of those fabrics! Great deal on the zebra one!

  12. I'm loving the color!! And yes, bold bright colors work--they will make the space pop and really define it!!

  13. If you're crazy then I want to be crazy too! I CANNOT wait to see it all come together! These colors together are amazing, and you'll totally make it all work with your living room :)


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