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July 3, 2012


So I found this on Pinterest and immediately changed it to blogging.
I have a pretty steady list of dailies I visit throughout the day and I know my circle runs small.  We pretty much read each other's blogs.  But, I'm curious if there are any must-reads that I'm missing out on.  Leave me a comment with your favorites please!
And of course, you can mention your own blog.  In fact, please do!  I try so hard to email back when someone leaves a comment but I admit I'm not so good about following up to see if you have a blog.
Here's your chance people!



  1. :)

  2. Well mine is pretty fabulous, and Pink Peonies
    is a daily read for me. Love the new look of your blog :)

  3. LOVE this! It's so true. Yours is a daily read for me for sure :)

  4. Well you asked so here is mine :)

    All of my go-to's are probably already on your list!

  5. Yours is a daily for me...
    I think is a pretty fab one ;)
    I also read
    and I've recently discovered - another Charlestonian like myself! xoxo

  6. First of all, HILARIOUS meme. So true. SO TRUE.

    You blog is a recent one to me and I have been loving it!!

    My blog is lifeSTYLE would love to have you, and anyone and everyone else, as a follower and friend! Loving getting to know people within this blogging community. I also live to find awesome new blogs to ready so send yours or your favourites my way as well!


  7. 1. love the new header
    2. this totally made me laugh b/c we all do just read each others!


  8. So true! I feel like I could be friends with so many people I've never met through reading their blogs!...although now I'm thinking that sounds a little stalkerish... : ) Anyways, A Cup of Jo is an adorable one,

    Always enjoy checking up on yours as well!

  9. This made me laugh so hard. So true! I need some new blogs in my life. Some of my favorites lately (oldies but goodies)...

  10. love your blog and your creativity!
    Hey y'all--come visit my porch sometime if you are so inclined!
    I am off to visit all the ones who posted above me! They will be new ones to me! I also enjoy younghouselove alot, they are adorable! And love the decor tips on houseofsmiths as well.

  11. Oh my, that pic is funny. And so true. I heart your blog and can't wait to meet you next Tuesday!

  12. i read different blogs for different reasons, as i'm sure we all do.

    I come to yours mainly for your awesome fashion boards - and their ties to cocktails ;)....

    i visit some for faith and spirit like and One because I miss Savannah and this girl has southern style DOWN COLD They are all linked on blog for quick hit.

  13. Your blog is one of my dailies.
    If you want to check out my blog it is,, but I just started it and am all new to this.
    I love finding new blogs to check out as well.

  14. You're one of my first "go-to" blogs each morning! I also really enjoy for a daily laugh and a few of my sorority sisters started and their blog is another one of my daily favorites! Have a great week.

  15. I'm new to blogging but you can find me at
    My daily favs (besides pawleys island posh) are:

  16. AnonymousJuly 03, 2012

    I know you already read her blog but is the greatest thing I've come across in a long, long time. I love that she shares personal-slash-disgusting and real things on top of design eye candy --it's a fabulous mix. I'm too lazy to blog but if I did, hers would be mine :)

  17. I recently developped my love (and passion) for blogging!

  18. I read your blog daily, I also love fashion blogs like Kendi Everyday and Atlantic Pacific. I've also been looking for some really good new lifestyle blogs but have come up short so far. Anyone know of any good ones out there?

    Of course my blog is fantastic too ;) I'm at It's a mix of DIY and lifestyle, would love to have anyone stop by.


  19. I'm a new reader but can sooooo relate to your design/interiors/kids/fashion posts. I love how you mix it up! There are so many blogs I love out there - two that haven't been mentioned already and aren't on your blogroll are...

    Me Oh My:
    Rockstar Diaries:

    and mine is but i'm in a little post-second baby rut at the moment. Hopefully I'll get around to posting about more interesting content soon :)

  20. Hehehe!! I love those darn e-cards :D

  21. I love your new design! It looks great. I'm a new follower of yours, and you are quickly becoming one of my daily reads!!

  22. AnonymousJuly 04, 2012

    LOVE this! HA! I have to pin it! :)

    Quiet Luxury

  23. That is sooooo true! I have made very very good friends through blogging that I really have more in common with than many of my real life friends. I have several whom I talk on the phone with and would love to meet in person soon. I really hope I get to meet all of them one day.

    I have several on my blog roll that are daily reads...including Maison Decor, Betsy Speert's Blog, Cote de Texas, Country French Cottage,

  24. I'm loving exploring all of these new suggestions listed in your comments feed!

    I've recently become a little addicted to Jenny Steffens Hobick's blog 'Everyday Occasions' - perfect to give me inspiration to cook when I really don't want to!

    My other current must read is Janelle McCulloch's Library of Design - fashion, style and design...perfect!

  25. Bahahaha, that is so true!!! Though I don't blog daily anymore, whenever I do get on, yours is one of my reads! Feel free to stop by and say hi at my blog, too!

  26. Well, I do like my little blog. But you should also check out The writer is Charleston-based and has great taste.

  27. Here I am.

    Infused with a little humor, a gal navigates through diy upholstery, pillows, teenage sons, and life.

  28. AnonymousJuly 04, 2012

    I love your blog!


  30. that's so funny and so true!
    I just discovered your blog and of course I'm loving it!
    looking forward to seeing more of your interior design room challenge!
    My blog is at:

  31. love the ecard AND your new header. both are amazeballs.

    one of my new favorite blogs:

    and my own blog:

  32. I think I just stumbled on your circle of blogs judging by everyone's links on their sidebar.. I'm a bit overwhelmed because I love them all! Now I have lots of posts to go back and read! haha

    My blog is:


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