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Fourth of July Outfit

July 3, 2012

So I'm going on a mission today to find these blue ikat shorts in my size.  I will go to every Gap in the Richmond Metro area if I have to.  Well as many as I can squeeze in between 10am and naptime anyway.
I've been obsessed ever since I spied them on Becca's Blog.
I found them in person that afternoon but they were a scootch too big.
It was bittersweet, let's face it.  We all get pretty pumped to find our size is too big.  Especially after babies and after 30.  It's a not so secret high.    
But they looked like they would stretch so I passed.  I don't care how fab that ikat is, I'm not rocking a saggy butt on top of my already sagging parts.  But not I'm sad.  Because I WANT THOSE SHORTS!
Anyway, I got back late from VaBeach last night and am headed out to my aunt and uncle's farm later to watch Wells swim and chase chickens and of course celebrate the USA so this is all I got for you loves.  
And Lindsay, like always I will update the links sometime later today so just be patient.

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  1. Love the fit. Don't make me ask jules!!! Loving the new blog design!

  2. So cute! I wish they came in maternity!

  3. I've been stalking those short for a while too. I was tempted to buy them online but wasn't quite sure of the fit. Let us know ow they work out.

  4. Love the shorts. Must have the clutch!

  5. GIRL! Find them! Seriously find the happiest gap employee there is and have them call some stores in the midwest. They do stretch a tad, so good call! Good luck, cant wait til they are yours.

  6. Yep saw those shorts in store and all they had were sizes 10 and 12:( They are so cute. Please get them!!

  7. Bummer! I bet there was still a little happy jig going on in the dressing room though ;) Fingers, and toes, crossed that you find them! Me? I'll still be rocking my diaper butt maternity shorts :(

  8. Love that clutch you paired with them! Gap has really been rocking it lately!

  9. Love the sandals! I've been looking for some bejeweled ones!

  10. Those shorts are fabulous...good luck finding them!

  11. Where is that necklace from? Tx.


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