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July 10, 2012

Guest Post {Lowlife Couture}

Good morning friends!
I, for one, did not sleep through those storms last night and am dragging booty morning.  Thank the lawd for coffee.  I might need to throw the babes in the stroller and walk down to starbucks.  That's usually just a weekend treat but my home brew Dunkin Donuts breakfast brew isn't cutting it.  Of course I'll be the disheveled housewife with all of us in our pj's amidst a very stylish young professional crowd in line.  I have no shame.
But enough about that, I have a real treat here for you loverlies this morning.
Becca from Lowlife Couture is here sharing a badass new tibi shirt and even gives us three reasons/seasons to justify buying it now.
Becca was one of those people I noticed kept leaving sweet comments and one day I decided to follow the link back and check out her blog.  I immediately loved it.  Girl puts together some insane outfit boards and killer design posts.
 I could not be more thrilled to be here today!
Julia has one of my absolute favorite blogs to visit, I don't ever miss a day! 
So, I am excited she asked me to join y'all today, to say the least. 

I have had my eye on this Tibi blouse for a few weeks now. 
Isn't it fabulous?!
So, in an effort to justify the price tag, 
I thought I would give styling it
for multiple seasons a go. 
I think it would be a year around'er for sure!

summer: blouse // shorts // bag // sandals 
fall: blouse // pants // flats // earrings // necklace
winter: blouse // shorts  // jacket // scarf // boots // earrings

I am pretty sure it will be added to my wardrobe soon.
And, I am pretty sure I will have no regrets!
I hope yall will stop by and visit me,
thanks for having me Julia! 


  1. Well you are right now I want to buy it! Loves.

  2. love this! her outfit posts are always the best! so fun!

  3. Thanks for having me! So fun! Now I might have to pull the trigger on ordering that bad boy..

  4. gurl i am right there with ya this morning. no storms up our way but had to get up at 5 to drive down to C'ville for an appt at UVA. I cant drink enough coffee while I wait...

  5. Love the Summer look! Great job!

  6. Love that top and all of these outfits are gorgeous! Great post, ladies.

  7. Becca styled this top perfectly! I found and bought this Tibi top at a sample sale in NY and really have been finding that I wear it with everything -- loving these new ideas for it!

  8. MUST have those green pants! And I'm with you on dragging the kids to Starbucks with me in our pjs. On those days I go thru the drive thru so no one can see my slippers. :)

  9. I no longer have the thrill of dragging the little ones in pj's to starbucks in the morning . I miss those days ... however, fast forward and last night I had my 20 year old and 17 year old looking for an arts and crafts project at 8 pm ... seriously we are still all about arts and crafts and they drug me in my sweat pants covered in paint as I am in the middle of a project. I have no adult shame!! It never ends!!

  10. Loooove Becca! She's so sweet. Love her outfit selections.

  11. Gorgeous top! I can't decide which look I like best, maybe the fall?? Could be that I'm just praying for cooler temps :)

  12. Fun top and love all of the different ways it's styled, especially the winter one. My mind is already into thinking about wearing boots!

  13. We're in the middle of a terrible drought here in Illinois and the crops are dying in the fields. It hasn't rained in about 6 weeks, and that was less than an inch. What I would give for an all- night thunderstorm!

  14. I adore Becca's taste and I would always wear every single one of the outfits she posts! This top is no exception. Adorable!

  15. love these outfits–especially the first two!! I also LOVE the combo of the green cafe capris and the leopard flats. just found your blog and love it! following you now! :)


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