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January 26, 2013

How to talk to Women: A Guide

We had another rough night last night.  Tagg is going for allergy testing on Wednesday which means last night was his cut-off for ALL ANTIHISTAMINES.
We lasted until 1am when his poor crying and hysteria got me and I gave him a quick shot of benedryl in the mouth.  He promptly thanked me and slept solid through the rest of the night.  
I hope this doesn't throw off his testing and I promise not to do it tonight.  I think.
Before any of y'all lose any sleep yourself that I'm doping him up to sleep, that's not the case.  His eczema is just so bad that antihistamines are the only thing that calm it enough to let him sleep soundly.
Neither Matthew nor I are good at losing sleep.  We get rude.  There's no sweet tone of voice when you have a screaming baby in your arms at 1:15am and the only thing you both agree on is that neither of you have any clue how to solve it.

I'm thinking today is a "honey, have some wine" day.



  1. I love this post. I was up with Sterling at 2 and again at 4 which we stayed up for the rest of the night. I don't work well on that little sleep. It will be a long day today. Here have some wine sounds fab although I would prob rather a mimosa at 8 in the am!

  2. That guide is hilarious! I can really relate to the middle of the night rudeness. It is just so hard when you just want to be asleep! Do you have any family near by that could spell you for a bit? Our kids are almost grown now, but we had many such nights over the years, and I was so grateful when someone would give us a chance to rest, even if just a long nap during the day. Take care!

  3. Hilarious!! But hate that your poor son isn't feeling well :(...... At least you have a wonderful sense of humor about it! Just remember that it gets WAY easier when they are once they hit 5!!

  4. OMG. That's so great! And I'm sorry you're having such a touch time lately. Hang in there. It can only get better, right??

  5. Oh no. That sucks. I hope they get to the bottom of it fast. There is no harm in a little bit of benadryl to make a baby feel better! Poor little guy. I love the wine grid. So true!

  6. Oh no, that sounds bad. Not good at sleep deprivation here either. Henry was up a few times with another ear infection. Hope Wells sleeps through the screaming. My favorite parenting tip that I have ever received is that nothing said between 11 and 7 can be held against you. I have definitely had been plenty of nights with more than rude comments made towards members of my family!

  7. lol I love this...i hate hate hate the question "what did you do all day?" He always get the death look from when he asks day I answered and said "Had an affair."

    But i would change one thing, it should say. "Here, have some wine, a chocolate cake, and a tiffany's box." lol

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I just giggled out loud at that chart. My husband has it mostly down but every morning (like at 6am!)he asks me what's for dinner. I had a fit when he started asking me the night before.
    I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. Have you tried Hyland's Calms Forte, homeopathic remedy for Tagg? I gave it to my kids when they were upset or could not sleep. It is drug-free so it will not interfere with his allergy testing.

  9. Poor pumpkin. Every mother reading this post knows exactly where you are coming from. Hang in there! And in the mean time, have some more wine. (Love that chart. And am sharing it with everyone

  10. Bummer - nothing like losing sleep -love the chart, surely that is good for a laugh.

  11. Poor lil guy, but also poor mama and papa! Ugh we have an 8 week old and a 2.5 year old...I am praying my 8 week old sleeps thru VERY soon! When they are both awake at night for whatever reason (feedings for baby and I need a tissue, water, my lovie, my nose is running, lame excuses my toddler gives me!), the hubs and I are NOT happy people! I need 9 hours of sleep at night or I'm super grouchy! Hope the testing helps the lil man :-)

  12. That is a hilarious chart and 100% correct. Im so sorry times are rough for you all, and poor Tagg! I hope things get resolved soon, or that you at least catch some breaks! Hope your Sunday is recuperative!We all have been there and I sure hope you get some sleep tonight!
    xo Nancy

  13. ha, I love this! Everyone needs a little more wine in their lives!

  14. Ha! Hilarious. My almost 4month old has eczema but we've been able to keep it under control for the most part. When she has had a flare up it really upsets me. It just looks so angry and uncomfortable. Poor little thing. I feel for your little guy and you as well.

  15. I just sent this image to my husband. thank you.

  16. Praying that they find something to help Tagg. It's horrible trying to go without sleep, and I pray you all are able to get some rest. Thinking of you and hoping it all gets better.



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