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May 21, 2013

Assets Swim Suits

Two summers ago I bought the Black Assets Swimsuit from Target and wore it almost every day.  Wells wasn't even one yet and I was pregnant again and needed the extra tummy support.  Last summer I wore it a lot and was really pleased with how well it retained it's shape and held me in.  I think it can make another appearance this summer but I needed another one.  So last week I picked up the Pink Assets ruffletop swimsuit.  It's thick enough to smooth everything out and the ruffles create a pretty distraction drawing your attention back up where I like it.  You better believe that's what I've been rocking the past few days on the beach at Pawleys.  Now I just need to bite the bullet and buy the Mossimo Multi-color Large Straw Tote that everyone and their mom just bought.



  1. Buying bathing suits is so not fun! Love those from Assets. It is a great when you find a good. Also, love that Target bag that everyone and their mom is talking about but just picked up this one from Forever 21 yesterday for $12.50! It is much cuter in person. They also have a pink print which is cool.

  2. I hate buying bathing suits. I think it's my least favorite thing to do. I can never find anything to fit my top!!

    I love that tote and the purple-ish one piece is gorgeous!


  3. Love that bag! I may have to get it too!

  4. Love love the fuschia swimsuit, darling!! Cute tote to go with! Julia!

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  5. im a one-piece bathing suit gal and i need that pink one!!!!!

  6. That purple one is so pretty–and I've been obsessing over that bag!

  7. I bought an Assets suit last summer and love the fit. Must get the ruffled one this summer!

  8. I still need to get on the one-piece bandwagon, the problem is, all the ones I love are veeeery expensive! That tote is gorgeous!

  9. Ooh, I will definitely try those!

  10. I've been eyeing those suits at Target for post baby but I wasn't sure if they really worked- after this review I might have to pick one up! Thanks!

  11. I am going to go buy one, thanks for the heads up and glad to hear I can wear while preggo. I bought the tote and love it, you should treat yourself!


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