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House Tour: Backyard Garden Party

June 12, 2013

 How gorgeous is this outdoor garden party photographer Tracy Ayton threw for her blogging friends?  I think I'm going to need to recreate this asap.  The weather this year has been amazing both here in Richmond and when we were in Pawleys.  Cool sunny evenings just perfect for entertaining.  I really want to have a little get together with friends soon as an excuse to spruce up our deck.  Who wants to come over?
shop the look:

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  1. That is the perfect casual party setting. I'll bring the wine!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I will be there with bells on!!! I am dying to throw and an outdoor party on our deck!!!

  4. this looks like such a lovely party that I'd like to be at! xo


  5. Gosh this makes me feel so self conscious about our backyard. We don't even have grass..just weeds that look like grass. haha! Maybe if I get those string lights no one will notice. haha. This is so gorgeous. I'd love to go to a party there. xo

  6. You and me both girl! I just pinned the most amazing back porch reno yesterday, it's absolutely georg and I can't wait to have a outdoor space in a new home :-)

  7. That garden party is seriously amazing.

  8. I want to go to a fabulous garden party! Love that backyard!

  9. great post


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