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June 14, 2013

Father's Day Outift

What are y'all doing for Father's day?  We're going to have my parents over for our first Sunday cookout at the new house.  I've whipped up a little Father's Day inspired board for you today just in case you need some last minute outfit or gift ideas.  I'm all set with a combined gift for Matthew because his Birthday is also this week.  Do y'all do the typical man gifts like neckties and grills and tool bits or do you get more man specific.  What about cards?  Funny or Sentimental.  I tend to alternate.  I used to always go for funny but now I pick sappy.  I'm more appreciative of the amazing Dad's in my life and how they're impacting my children.  
Happy Father's Day Weekend!


  1. Love it ! Such a cute outfit ! Happy week-end to you too !

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  3. I've always really liked your blog, but lately I feel like it is just a series of Pinterest pages - lots of photo collections or tours of other people's homes but not a lot of original content. I love hearing about your life and projects and would enjoy your blog so much more again if we could see some more personal stuff (for example pics of your new house progress or your trip to Pawleys). It doesn't have to be perfectly finished projects to be fun to read about :) Sometimes the fun is in the journey! Happy Friday!

  4. Hope your husband and dad have a great Father's Day!

  5. Hope you are going to post pictures of the "father" in that outfit :)

    1. bahahaha, the peplum would look extra manly, right :)

  6. so good


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