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July 16, 2013

Cooking in the Kitchen with my Samsung Galaxy Note

 Y'all already know I'm a stay-at-home mom who has just recently ventured into the world of cooking.  Needless to say, with an almost three year old and an 18 month old at home with me all day wanting snacks in a new bowl every time, and a husband who's ready to eat dinner when he gets home from work, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Two things that help it feel a little more enjoyable while I'm cooking or doing dishes in the evening are my glass of wine and my new Galaxy Note.
 They are both right by my side while I'm chopping vegetables and need to reference a recipe or listen to music while I'm taking stock of our cabinets.  I'm using it while I unload groceries and typically watching a tv show while I'm washing the dishes after dinner.   
The Galaxy Note is small enough that I can take it with me on our deck while I'm watching the kids play.  Yup, perfect for using instagram.

It's also easy enough for my toddler to use.  And let's face it, he finds his own games and shows and usually swipes it from me while I'm cooking dinner.  It's really lightweight and durable so I'm not concerned with him sitting on the floor using it alone while I cook.  It also keeps him out of his sister's hair for a while.
 What about you?  How do you use your tablet or notebook?  Do you search out recipes while listening to pandora?  Do you load it up with apps and hand it over immediately to your kids in exchange for five minutes of peace and quiet?  I'd love to hear how your notebook has improved your life just a little bit!

 Full disclosure: provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of tablets and accessories online.



  1. I do listen to Pandora on a tablet. I am fully addicted to technology. I have even cleaned out most of my cookbooks because I use recipes on the tablet.

  2. I absolutely use my tablet in the kitchen. I'd be lost without it for recipes!

  3. The iPad belongs to my 4 year-old. I listen to Pandora on my iPhone or laptop.

  4. My 3 year old calls it "my iPad!" and I say "no, Mommy's iPad"... and well, the debate is useless. It's his and he lets me borrow it. Love your photos!

  5. Leuke tekst hier! Ik ben op zoek naar een aanrechtblad van keramiek, graniet of composiet en vroeg me af of jullie betere prijzen weten te vinden online dan Ik ga namelijk een nieuw aanrechtblad kopen


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