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September 24, 2013

Cute Clothes for Toddler Boys: Old Navy Edition

Okay, I admit I was really excited to do the little girls' version of this post this morning and less thrilled with the results from my little boy clothes search.  But that's because I tend to dress Tagg a bit more classic and preppy.  Three parts collegiate frat boy and one part outdoorsman.  Hmmm.  I guess I have a pattern in my how I like my men.
For all my boy mama's.  And boy mama's mamas.



  1. Yay!! Two posts in one day - you are spoiling us! Love that oatmeal sweater!! And the puffer vests are one item I usually buy there because they are so cheap and I find puffer vests to be a little useless (more for show than function). Thanks for the finds!

  2. Wow! Good finds. I too am much more picky about boys clothes but these are great finds.

  3. ...And boy mama's mamas :)
    Some good finds! Loving the sweaters. Boy clothes are difficult and I feel like everything I buy is a solid color or stripes, bc I just can't do skulls or Elmo shirts. I know that sounds terrible. Henry would love that Thomas shirt but I'm holding off on character clothing until he starts having an opinion:)

  4. Love Old Navy for boys pants and plain tees. I'm loving those sweaters too! Thanks for the boys edition! :)

  5. As the mom of boys, I love these items. Great suggestions. Sometimes picking out boy's clothes can be a little boring....there is only so much that can be done with shirts and pants.


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