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December 19, 2013

Cocktail Dresses for New Years Eve

How are we doing?  Thursday before Christmas.  Countdown is on.

Wells had her last day of school yesterday so we're officially on break.  Which really means no break.  But that's okay.  I've been pretty proactive about Christmas this year.  Except for our Christmas Cards which still aren't finished.  Please don't think you're B-list this year if you haven't gotten yours yet and normally do.

Y'all know from our instagram that I like to put together a cute outfit, especially on the kids.  But let's be real.  Half the time the kids are in their pajamas until lunchtime and most days I live in leggings or jeans and my uggs and no shower.  With a Target wife-beater and fleece on top.  So I really relish the times I get to dress up and get fancy.  We don't have official plans for NYE yet but I'm boucing around some ideas to force us into putting on something special. Thankfully Matthew balk at the chance to wear his tux.

Here are a few (okay, more than a few) of my favorite cocktail dresses right now.  A girl can dream right.

So tell me, do you get fancy for Christmas or New Years Eve?  Little Black Dress or sparkles?  Where is your favorite place to find pretty dresses?



  1. I love the bottom middle one!

  2. I have a similar Joanna August dress in black that I've worn for our past few black tie events. I love it! Super comfy and flattering!

  3. love these picks.. I have 0 idea what I'm wearing for New Year's yet

  4. You're cracking me up because just yesterday I bought a pair of Bear Paw boots after a long denial period of I'm never wearing Uggs or anything like them, plus more black leggings, some tamis at Tarjay, and guess what? Wearing them all today! Actually, I was in Steinmart yesterday and they have a great dress section!

  5. Every year I go for something sparkly, and then I never wear it again! This year I think I'm going super classic with lots of fun jewelry. The Anthro Minuet dress is my favorite!!
    ~Sarah @ 702 Park Project

  6. Love the pictures of Saint Mary's Church, that was my church
    when I lived in Crozier!


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