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June 9, 2014

Mom Style | MOTT 50 SPF Clothing

I spend a lot of time in comfy casual clothes.  I used to envy women who pulled off that effortless chic look even when they weren't dressed up.  Especially when they weren't trying.  I want to be that woman.  I've also learned that the saying, dress for the job you want not the job you have doesn't apply to my closet.  Because having a wardrobe full of beautiful things that you have no where to wear is a waste of money and self-esteem.  I read another quote recently, when a woman says she has nothing to wear she really means she has nothing to make her who she wants to be today.  And today, like most days, I want to look like a woman who is comfortable and stylish and doesn't try too hard.

Today I'm really excited to introduce you to a new company that is knocking it out of the park.  Mott 50 combines stylish, comfortable, wearable clothes with SPF 50.  Yes, the clothes will not only keep you looking and feeling good, they'll actually protect you at the same time.  Smart right.  I've been living in my marissa open cardigan (similar without white trim here).  It's lightweight and breathable so I don't feel like I'm melting in the sun.  And it's keeping me protected from sun damage.

Y'all know that one of my favorite go-to looks is leggings with a long cardigan.  A good pair of athletic leggings will suck you in and smooth you out a bit more than some of the more fashion leggings you see.  I wear this type of outfit year round.  In the summer I swap out my uggs for sandals.  We love having so many young families in our neighborhood and I want to feel good if friends come to play without looking ridiculous.  Let's face it, a dress and high heels is fun, but not really good for pushing a swing or doing driveway chalk.  And pajamas are just inappropriate.

Isn't it easier to look good in your comfy clothes than you thought?  And just for you, MOTT 50 is extending 10% off your order all this week!  Just use code: JULIARYAN at checkout!


I've also rounded up my favorites from today and the whole MOTT50 line



  1. I need that cardigan and navy striped dress! Great pics & thanks for sharing!

  2. I have that same cardi and love it! I really want to get one of their dresses now too to keep me looking cute but protected from the sun!

  3. AnonymousJune 09, 2014

    I just love that cardigan so much, it's so cute! I am never dressed up or put together haha. I am always wearing comfy and easy clothes, but it's so much better that way! This look is really great though, and looks so classic and comfy!


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    1. Nope! I'd be so bored with 100% anything! If anything I think I lean more towards a home design blog and I plan to stay that way!

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  5. That cardigan is perfection...and you look gorgeous!

  6. Love the turquoise Adirondack chairs. Would you mind sharing where you came across them?

  7. Hi Julia, curious as to what your favorite leggings are? You mention athletic ones...would love to know your picks! Thanks!


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