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New House: Landscaping Plans

September 12, 2014

I'm going to deviate a little bit today from interiors or all things going on inside our home to talk a little bit about some changes we've made outside.  And by we, I mean 100% solely my husband.  We have a rule that I make the inside decisions and he decides what happens outside.  We have ultimate veto power but have found this creates more harmony if one person takes the lead.  We spent the six months pulling things out and now we're starting to create a long-term landscaping plan and will be adding more back in.

The plants around our house were completely overgrown and encroaching onto the exterior itself.  They were planted too close to the house with no breathing room creating a really bad moisture problem.  Dark, cool, damp brush is home to lots of things you don't want near your front door.

At first glance the before pictures actually look much better than the afters.  I realize that.  It's going to take some time and a few planting seasons to fix the mistakes we inherited.  Buying full grown plants is crazy expensive.  As you can see, we've removed several pine trees and planted grass to cover the brush island in the center of the yard. 

Matthew added in several compact holly to line the front which will hopefully grown big and full before we know it.  That's what you can see in the images below.  We'll also be adding in liriope to fill the entire front section between the house and the sidewalk.  Next we'll put in a few crape myrtle trees on either side of the house to add some visual height.

 Of course we still want to paint the whole house white, including the brick siding.  Shutters will be black and that dang door will be painted a fun color eventually!  So many to-do's so little time and money!  I can't wait for it to look like some of these beautiful homes below!

 So tell me, are you into landscaping at all?  Do you

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  1. I love that window box inspiration picture. I would kill those pretty pink flowers in no time flat!!

  2. We're in an apartment, so no landscaping for us, but I have to say that I adore the front of your home. What great curb appeal, and it would definitely be my dream home!

  3. I think it looks great after! We inherited the same problem: overgrown shrubs and pulled them all out last fall. Still in process of deciding what to put back! And also want to paint our entire house (brick...ugly color) white with black shutters. I'm pining for a stained double front door with glass panes.

  4. Looks great, we had crazy overmature non-maintained trees and bushes when we bought our house too. I posted back in the summer about it, so are right with you with stumpy little new plants waiting to expand, but at least it's better than crazy looking trees blocking windows. Gimme all the natural light!

  5. We are currently landscaping our new house and it is crazy expensive. We just bought a bunch of camelias to hedge along the front porch gardenias for our back patio. I cant wait for them to mature!

  6. Great start! Our entire yard was professionally landscaped right before we bought it…thank goodness because that's what I wanted, a great yard, and an untouched kitchen that I could get my hands myself. Hence, we have a very 90's kitchen on our hands….it's always something! We keep adding in to the landscape though, I come home with plants all the time, I can't stop! Hosta, ligustrum, ferns, jasmine, lily of the nile…yes I have a plant problem :-)

  7. I love your planters on your front steps! What did you do with all the old boxwoods? We have two huge boxwoods that have gotten too big for either side of our front porch. I want to relocate them and then add in smaller boxwoods or other bushes. It is a big project. I am really impressed if Matthew dug up those boxwoods!

    1. He did! He got those out last Spring. It's been so bare for months! They were in really bad shape so we couldn't relocate them. That was annoying!

  8. Love the plans! I know we are feeling the too little time and money too! I am afraid our new house has the same thing--so many huge plants but I am afraid they are too close to the house and are causing moisture issues in the basement :( I love the plan for the white with black shutters! The house is going to be amazing!

  9. Julia, I think our house colors are absolutely perfect the way the are!!! We recently moved and our house is gorgeous, but the outside colors do nothing for me. It is red brick, white vinyl, and black door and shutters. It reads cold to me... The colors of your house are so warm and inviting. We are about to pain the front door and shutters (and I hope eventually the vinyl), and I plan on going for the look of your house. Here I go pinning...

  10. oops, and that would be YOUR house colors are perfect!

  11. Yes! I have enjoyed your beautiful photos and all the great details. The window box is darling! BTW, that last photo is a house right here in Newport Beach! It's just around the corner and it's fabulous!


  12. I love outside work but am horribly impulsive so many of my "we have to do this NOW" projects end up not working for lack of research on sun needs, etc. I admire the intention y'all approach all your home projects with.

  13. I love your idea to line with boxwoods!! I SO want to do that too (we just bought our home) and am looking to clear out the front and line with boxwoods. Question - Where did you get those beautiful planters that your ferns are in? I love how they have a pedestal.


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