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September 13, 2014


Tagg cried until he got to come sleep in our room last night.  He told me nuffin' was wrong.  He was just sad.  He said it the night before too.  He's sad that Daddy gets to sleep in my bed but he doesn't.  Om, I can't even.  Way too many high school English references there.  So I let him sleep in our room.  Not my favorite choice, but it bought me a crazy good night of sleep for the first time in ages.  We no longer let the kids sleep in our bed, but rather set them on a luxurious sleepover on the floor next to us.  We store Tagg's old crib mattress on the floor under our bed and pull it out when we need it.  We place pillows all around it to keep them from rolling onto the floor.  They bring their lovies and pillows and blanket from their bed.  It's really not ideal but it gave us all a much needed full night of sleep.  And it's giving him closeness without getting him used to a warm body snuggle.  I'm hoping this makes breaking the habit easier.

Anyway, with this full night of sleep comes productivity.  My mind literally feels so much more ready to expand.  I can't wait to put that to good use this coming week!  I have a few new projects I want to start tackling around the house.  I'm ready to pull the trigger on some pattern in Tagg's room, more on that on Monday.  I'm ready to get my house back in order as well.  The past three weeks seem to have created a big pile of mess everywhere.  Time to get on that.

My parents graciously agreed to watch the kids today.  Matthew and I are going to watch the USC game with some friends and then maybe sneak out for a burger.  Anyone in Richmond have any recommendations for a good burger?   Our usual spot is downtown and we don't feel like venturing that far away this time.  I would love your recommendations! 

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  1. Burger Bach at West Broad Village (which tempts me every time I leave the gym)! Or BurgerWorks in Innsbrook! USC pulled it out…. :)

  2. Ugh, I need a good night's sleep in the worst way. Glad despite the extra company you were able to get some. Not a Richmond-er, but Blair from always has the best looking spots. Not sure if similar location, but def in your region!

  3. Was that photo taken in front your parent's house? I think it is gorgeous!

  4. It's so hard to say no to the kids when they want to sleep with us, but have to.

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