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November 12, 2014

Old Navy Sale

 I've always been a big fan of Old Navy for kids but never really impressed with the women's line.  It usually looked a little off to me.  I'd see maybe one or two cute things that fit me every few years but that didn't really warrant me giving them much thought.  I'm not sure if the fit (for me) has improved but I can tell you their fresh marketing and stylish clothes have really made me take a double take.  I'm especially loving the cues they are taking from J.Crew.  Well done. 

Their pants don't fit me well but I've got my eye on this striped top ($9), this cableknit sweater ($24), this vest ($14), and this $7 hat.  

Disclosure about their outerwear, particularly their vests, they are crazy super duper lightweight.  I don't mind that because for me it's more about a fashun look than real true warmth.  In fact I prefer that for this time of year when it's not really cold yet but I want to start layering!  I really swear by Patagonia if I'm trying to stay warm when the temperatures really drop.  But it's fun to have some lightweight layers to rock out with in the fall.  What about you?

Today only Old Navy is offering 30% off through today with code: FESTIVE. 


  1. I find cute things there from time to time! I love that vest. I wish Camille could fit into that black with white bow dress you posted yesterday. So cute.

  2. I have been loving Old Navy this year. I also agree on the pants. The sizing is so inconsistent that it is super frustrating to find the right pair.


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