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July 23, 2016


We're having almost 50 people over to our house tomorrow for Wells' birthday party and my house to-do list is feeling a mile long.  There is something about throwing a party that makes me feel like I need to start and finish about ten new projects in addition to party prep.  Why oh why do I do this to myself?  ha!

I love going down the pinterest rabbit hole and finding new designer portfolios to browse.  I love how earthy and livable this house feels.  I'm so close to painting our kitchen cabinets, I just need to commit to a color.  I'm loving the green undertones in this one.


I know some of y'all save your blog reading for the weekend so I just want to make sure you're up to date on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  It's now open to everyone but prices go up August 8th.  I've rounded all of my favorites over the past week but here is my top list, I think!  I keep finding more and more I love.  Ooops.  It will be good come November when I have new clothes and can budget my money towards Christmas instead of a new sweater.


I found this really fun color chart that draws a correlation between your favorite colors and your personality.  Y'all know I love that stuff! Don't read any of the descriptions first, just scroll through and note which colors you're the most drawn to and then go back and see if it's right.

Chartreuse, Pool, Night, Beet, Plum, Cement.

None of those descriptions really surprised me, I'd say they are pretty spot on.  That's my personality to a tee.  What are your colors?

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  1. That home is dreamy! So serene! And I'm kind of crazy about the wallpaper.

    xo, mckenzie //


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