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October 31, 2016

The Perfect Little Black Dress + Sparkly Cocktail Dresses

The Perfect Little Black Dress + Sparkly Cocktail Dresses

Tomorrow is November 1st so I think it's officially time to start talking about the Holidays.  And the first thing I want to discuss is sparkly party dresses for holiday parties.  We can chat about cute matching outfits for the kids' Christmas Cards later; let's talk about us first for a change.  If you can't bust out the sparkles and fur and taffeta and tulle this time of year, when can you?  Well, actually I say anytime is a good time to sparkle but that's just personal opinion.

We're headed to Pittsburgh at Thanksgiving for a family wedding so it's the perfect excuse to splurge on something new this season.  I know I'll get to wear whatever dress I pick out to a few holiday parties as well as my Birthday in December.  Even without the already good price point I've stuck with here that's a pretty fabulous cost per wear.  I popped over to Nordstrom last week to check out some dress options in person and found lots of goodies as usual!   I tried on at least a dozen great dresses but narrowed it down to four top contenders.  Now I just need your help deciding on the final choice!

leopard dress || faux fur capelet || gold sequin dress || rose gold sequins top + tulle skirt

This feels like the obvious choice.  It's flattering and comfortable and sophisticated.  I love the classic black and flattering silhouette.  And it's the perfect backdrop for a fabulous pair of shoes and fancy hair.  I also love that it covers up my arms which aren't my favorite body part.  I think the bow is supposed to be tied in the front but I kind of liked it just tied in a knot in the back.  Another plus is the ability to loosen the tie at the waist towards the end of the night when I've over done it on champagne and hors d'ourves. 

Something feels so very NYC about this combo.  Pink is always a good idea and paired with black it's very Kate Spade-esque.  It's also two separates so I could easily wear the skirt again for years to come with different top.  But I love that it's a crop top which is pretty fashion forward for me.  I also love that it's so on trend yet very classic.

[I'll probably order this top if I go with this outfit because it's almost identical and practically half the price]

Dang, I freaking love this outfit.  It's a sequins crop top paired with a tulle ball gown.  I feel like I'm playing dress-up with this one in the best way possible.  I'm pretty sure this crop trend won't last forever so I kind of want to take advantage of it while I still can.  The two pieces are sold together and I could totally picture wearing the skirt with a plaid shirt tucked in for Christmas Card photos.  Wouldn't that be so cute?  How very blogger of me :)

Go sparkle or go home.  I think this is my last choice for the wedding but my first choice for a cocktail party.  The kind where you send the kids to the grandparents for the weekend.  How freaking awesome would it be for a Christmas Party or New Years Eve.  It's actually really comfortable and not as short as you'd expect. 


I always try to coordinate with Wells.  Not exactly Matching Mommy & Me but more like a well coordinated pair.  It makes for way cuter pictures!

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All opinions and awkward selfies are all my own.


  1. Love number 1. It flatters your figure and is so feminine.

  2. Love the outfit with the pink fun!

  3. They're all great but #1 is my favorite. I just am not brave enough for the crop top trend!

  4. #1! Super flattering on you. Like it was made for you ;)

  5. #1 first choice (You look amazing in it) and second choice is #2 :)

  6. #3 is classic elegance and by far the winner in my opinion. It's classic but way more exciting! Number 1 is to similar to the dress you had and loved last year (or maybe it was 2 years ago).

  7. Jump out of your comfort zone with #3. I can tell you love it the most. Plus, it's pretty special!

  8. I saw that pink skirt yesterday and was surprised it was Eliza J and not Kate Spade. It's definitely versatile and could be worn in multiple seasons! But the long skirt with sparkly top is so FUN!

    1. and it's 40% off right now so it's majorly less than Kate Spade :)

  9. Which dress did you end up choosing??


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