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March 9, 2018

House Updates: Tagg's room

I wanted to document Tagg's room before it inevitably changes again.  Something happened about two weeks ago--he woke up a kid.  Cue the dramatic where did my baby go? mom tears.  It literally happened over night.  He set his alarm (with Alexa's help, not mine), woke himself up and got dressed and downstairs before I even knew he was awake.  All this from the kid who calls me to carry him downstairs every morning.  Well, he did until last week anyway.

Obviously, with all of the health challenges and scares we've had with Tagg watching him grow up is literally an actual prayer I have prayed and seen answered and I don't forget that.  Ever.  I guess I just thought he would stay a little snuggle bug forever.  But, like the poster above his bed says:

"little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older."

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