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February 28, 2011

Pawleys Island House Tour

I decided to take a break from design dump today to show you my house.
Yes, my house.
{For those of y'all who are loving design dump, don't worry, I have TONS more images to load up your desktop with.}  
But all these pictures of beautifully styled rooms keep giving me cold feet about my own space.  
Story of my life, really.
I never have quite the right furniture, or maybe I want more throw pillows or fall in love with a new pattern for curtains.
And then I get a little time and money and a decorating bug to tweak things.
But usually by then I decide I want roman shades instead of drapes and I get tired of moving pillows back and forth from the furniture to the floor.
And the whole things starts over in my head.
I feel like I've had so many "looks' that I love for a while and change them before I can take a picture.
I could fill an entire album with pictures of my rooms in various stages.
Yet I never do.
Anyway, this weekend while BabyGirl was sleeping I decided to swiffer.
Why does re-decorating always start with intentions to just dust?
And since my downstairs was clean I decided to take some pictures.
As is.
Missing curtain rods and all.

Of course, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it on my computer.  
I guess I'm my own biggest critic.

Okay, blah blah blah
Here it is!

My Living Room

Okay, who wants to play a little Before & After?
If you want to be even more convinced that a little style can be infused into anything just keep reading.
We added brand new hardwood floors, wainscoting & trim, fresh paint and built an entirely new fireplace mantle.
Also, removing the window screens and trimming the tree in the front yard went a long way to adding some much needed light into the space.

Please keep in mind the before pictures were taken during the walk-through before we moved in.
{ie, not my gnome}



Before (right side view)

After (right side view)



And a little peek from the living room into the front hall

My Front Entrance Hall

It's funny how much more I like my front hall with some practical stuff added in.
{I'm not even going to discuss the before picture}  
I'm obsessed with boots and scarves and having a designated spot inside the door is a must.
Yet I always seem to try and hide those things when people come over. 
I'm going to stop that.
I'm also thinking of adding some hooks underneath those prints for my diaper bag or BabyGirl's coat.
You can read more about the construction phases here.


February 25, 2011

Design Dump Day 4

It's supposed to be a gross rainy day today. 
Perfect for doing laundry and cleaning house

or maybe you could just keep filling up your own design files instead

February 24, 2011

February 23, 2011

Design Dump Day 2

I'm loving the zebra bench.  That coffee table and those Louis XI chairs
the orange and blue make the best pop
in loooove with those pillows
 grey walls and upholstered headboard and a starburst mirror?  
I swoon
 This arrangement is perfection
 So many fun prints yet it still looks so clean
 modern asian with a seagrass rug
 pretty mix of urban and comfy
 chocolate and white bedroom
like an oreo only sweeter
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