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May 19, 2012

Boo-Boo Booze {mango cocktail}

So I think one of the best qualities in a woman is ingenuity.
You know, being resourceful.
Motherhood has really helped me in this area.
Take this afternoon, for example, when the sun was shining and I was in desperate need of a boat drink.
Only problem, our ice machine is broken.
Sad, right.
So being the industrious type, I quickly inserted the giant plastic ice-cube that goes with our boo-boo friend from the freezer and into my drink.
Mamma's happy.

 Cheers to the weekend and the boo-boo doggy saving the day!



  1. Ha! I love this! Man... What I wouldn't give for a boo-boo drink right now :)

  2. We have a boo boo bunny that has turned into a lovey so that means the ice pack is available for drinks! Thanks for the idea and smile:)


  3. Ok, that is hilarious!! And the picture that you took of the drink looks like something out of a magazine/drinks book!

  4. Our ice machine is broken too! We bought a bag of ice as our kids are teenagers and the boo boo bunny doesn't live here anymore :)

  5. O-M-YUM! and hilarious all at the same time :) You gotta do what you gotta do!!!

  6. I knew we were friends for a reason. You are my hero.

  7. Toooo cute! The drink looks delicious!

  8. Haha. Love this. very resourceful ma'am

  9. Pure awesomeness! Sometime's a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! desperate times, desperate measures...

  10. Ha! Ours is broken as well & I have been craving a good drink- granted I am preggers so I pinned your recipe for another day. Where did you get the boo-boo bear? it would be perfect for my soon to be two year old girl.I tried to google, but only came up with the plastic versions.
    Thanks :)

  11. Do what you gotta do, momma!

  12. Drink looks great…going to have to add to my list! I also have those napkins and love them!


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